Monday, January 28, 2008

Spirit of Azure Vista

Crucial clean and green session at Puff Cats this morning! Hope ya'll got some surfy love, very few people out due to the cold. Got in the car and was greeted by Van Halen's 'Jump' followed by 'Wish You Were Here' but for some reason had the Kit-Kat theme music in my head most of the session...weird. Hadda bounce toward Babylon at 10 to open the Fun Zone while Dubstar and Bubbie repped the 7'6" Long Quad fish that Mr. Josh Hall so graciously shaped us and had a BLAST! Talk of tube, trim and roundhouse cutties....seeeeeeeek! Thank you Josh! Some cool pix of him and Skippy inspecting boards in the Spirit of Azure Vista...

New Mollusk boardsocks arrived so we're reppin the full run! All the fishy sizes are back in stock. More XCEL rubber arriving this week. It comes in as quickly as it goes! Must be the recent frequency of fun-kine sliders......Tally Ho!

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