Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walking Solves It

Hope ya'll got ya surf on this weekend, especially Sunday for the hype mysto-fog sesh. More Huey love on tap for later in the week for the Warriors...

The Sian Alice Group
repped River Street Friday arvo before heading over to the New Museum. Unfortunately, they're back in Britain...

Dub Is A Weapon
blew out Zebulon Saturday nite with Dubstar at the controls early and lates...

Sevens search, yo where da Wackies?

Dub Dance!

Dub Is A Weapon!

Brian Jackson...Live on French TV!?

Larry McDonald

LM inna donation basket style!

Oh selectah, sensual...

Jah Bless Up Monia!

Royal Trux

Having at least one snuggler in your home will reduce the risk of heart disease by 40 percent. For reals yo!

Happy (belated) Birthday RK! The Lynch Mob, Planet of the Apes...

-Josh Halls JOJ from Moonlight manana.
-Between the Lines DVD's JOJ from Koastal! Surfing and Vietnam on the real, no Hollywood pyrotechnics in this one although it is narrated by John Milius. Winner of the Best Documentary at X-Dance and featured in the 2008 New York Surf Film Festival. Charlie Lives!
-For the Down Unda readers, if you happen to be in Byron Bay Thursday night go see Andrew Kidman open for Evan Dando.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gentle Sons

For all the folks who keep asking about used goods this one is for you! Jah Bless just put his 6'0 Mandala d-bump quad fish on the blocks for $575, comes with AK4's and a rad homemade durable boardbag. Price is negotiable but the first person to email suggesting $175 will be condemned to the Coney Island shorey!

Speaking of shorey, how's Bubbie Ha doing his thang slightly east of the non-island of Coney? Looks like he's riding the Joey Hall/Josh Clams collabo board.....seek!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Evening Kills the Day

Ruff-n-Tuff times at the Fuel Bathhouse last nite for the surfy showdown featuring the wonderful fotos of Jack Brull, Matt Clark, Susannah Ray, Thomas Colla and the young gentlemen standing in First Position below, Robert Kulisek...

Mr. Kessler and his NYC historic installation held it down true long hair style on the evening of surf...Harry Jay up in the freeworld mix too.

Forest Hills Neil brought by copies of the new Cymbals Eat Guitars cd which is blowing up all over. Seeeeeek!

Why fins?

Ice Nine 3-wide delivery for Joseph William Ripkin Jr. Does that mean the Q is open?

Epic Three Kings feast featuring black pig, pinchitos, tortilla, imported olives and dried meats from Southern Spain. Pix courtesy of Andrew C-Cut...

Trucks are the new trains

-More love from Josh Hall and Moonlight next week!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abundance: In A Wave

Runnin favors with Tommy Clocks last nite at the Fuel Bathhouse for a skatey show featuring a crucial installation by Soul Artist of the Real NYC, Andrew Kessler.

NYC Hx via Kess, Tommy Clocks foto*

From DANO to Parrish to Peters...

San Diego souvenir: Picturesque Word Origins. Read up!

The Domino Dancer was spotted sporting a Molluskine tote earlier this afternoon

Mickey seemed sad this morn

Lasagna for Four at Casa Blackpool. Nice greens s'onions!

OG-BK babe Rita Hayworth

OG-BK Prophet: Got lost in Brooklyn so you hadda lose it