Friday, October 31, 2008

Avenue J Styles

The last couple of swells mixed with winter's imminence and tropical thought has prompted some to step up they game...

AJ aka PJ and 7'2 Brewah thrustah

Toe Man has a tendency of buying the best boards in the shop. Here he is with the 6'7 Reno kine single...HB to the MAX!

JW Clams rang Thursday afternoon from legendary Midwood pizzeria DiFaro's and asked what I wanted to drink. "Why you playing HA? Aight, take a picture of the Old Man cutting the basil over a fresh pie." Minutes later this came out of the oven and Domenico DeMarco broke out his plants!

'Square Pie Joe' tuffer than leather 210 transport


First slice...

Last slice and a half

Top 5 pies in de 5 Boros, thanks ta J Mussels & Chris Kaiser for sorting it out. Tuff Respect!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You're Never Board

List w/select pix of available surfing boards hanging from the ceiling, in the closet, behind the racks, stashed upstairs and sanwiched between others. The River is too close to the Sea!

-5'1 Swift Casper by Joe Bauguess
-5'3 Larry Mabile 3rd World Exotic twin keel
-5'5 Swift Magic Carpet by Larry Mabile twin keel
-5'5 Chris Christenson twin keel

-5'6 Swift Sim Fish by Joe Bauguess

-5'10 Rainbow Pavel speed dialer w/Lokbox

-5'10 Josh Hall mini-fish Simmons w/glass on Daniel Partch fins
-5'10 Christenson twin keel w/glass on 101 bamboos
-5'10 Fineline quad w/Lokbox

-5'10 Mandala 2-plus-1 stubbie

-5'10 Swift Pendoflex quad w/glass on wood fins

-5'10 Mayo twin w/Lokbox

-5'11 Mabile/3rd World Exotic twinzer w/FCS

-6'0 Campbell Brothers Bumble Bee-3 w/glass on runners

-6'0 Gary Hanel speed egg quad w/Lokbox

-6'0 Mayo quad w/Lokbox

-6'0 Mabile/3rd World Exotic twin keel

-6'0 Mabile/3rd World Exotic quad w/Futures

-6'0 Michel Junod Pumpkin Seed single

-6'1 Swift Daniel Thompson Flying Fish
-6'1 Fineline McCopy thruster w/glass ons
-6'2 Larry Mabile 3rd World Exotic twin keel
-6'4 Fineline quad fish w/Lokbox

-6'4 Fineline Micro Dirt hull

-6'4 Gary Hanel 5-fin

-6'6 Fineline quad fish w/Lokbox
-6'6 Fineline McCopy thruster w/glass ons
-6'6 Mabile/3rd World Exotic quad w/Futures
-6'6 Fineline diamond tail quad w/Lokbox

-6'6 Campbell Brothers Russ Short bonzer-3 w/glass on runners

-6'7 Dick Brewer Reno Abellira single ($OLD!)

-6'8 Rainbow Pavel quad w/Lokbox

-6'9 Bob Mitzen long fish for Swift w/glass on Geppys

-7' Campbell Brothers Bonzer-5 shredder

-7'4 Rainbow Pavel quad w/Lokbox
-7'6 Rainbow Pavel quad w/Lokbox

-7'6 Fineline eggy single

-7'7 Dick Brewer thruster w/Futures

-7'8 Fineline Micro Ant hull
-9'1 Michel Junod Milk Maid w/fin box
-9'1 Marc Andreini Vaquero De Las Olas
-9'3 Fineline Avenger w/glass on fin

-9'6 Michel Junod pintail w/glass on fin

-9'6 Michel Junod pintail w/glass on fin

-9'6 Michel Junod square w/fin box

-9'7 CC Slider w/glass on fin

-9'8 Fineline Newt w/glass on fin
-9'8 Mayo soft-tail
-9'9 Christenson Slider w/glass on fin
-10 Christenson Slider w/glass on fin

-10 Michel Junod square tail w/glass on fin

-10'4 Michel Junod Super LOG!

-11 Christenson quad glider w/glass on Geppys

For further curiosity contact:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tracks & Traces

A most wicked and crucial evening was had Friday at the Susannah Ray RIGHT COAST book-signing. Mad Rockaway brethren in the house with local ladies outnumbering the men and way too much wine. Big Ups to all who reached, NYC RESPECT! We still have a few copies left...

SR lefty flash

Tiltin w/Barefoot HA

Tim Duran-Duran, is it LIVE LIVE LIVE?

Right as the party started winding down, some dude came skating thru the front door and slid the flat-file!

it's a GROM w/a beard....Shady Hollahide!

All the while Secret Project was hosting some CMJ-related thang that ended w/Arthur and Wolfy freakin the EFF-OUT! (freak the freakout)

Shady one more for the road! Don't try this during shop hours kids...

-Huey won't quit!
-NOW taking kustom AXXE wetsuit orders! Two-week turn around time.
-Petro should be here Friday for ding pick-up/drop-off
-More boards than we can house! Board review tomorrow...

Friday, October 24, 2008

From Eye to Hand

Two kids rolled by on their way home from school and wanted wax. What for? To use on curbs so they slide better. Right on, how was school today?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Stardust to Sentience

Uncertain economic times demand full on Hard Bodiness...

Chuck Tat with 8'0 Fineline Halloween eggy kine, HB to the max!

Leilani w/Vaquera boots and 7'10 Andreini Vaquero.

Couple of Caspers came in yesterday just in time for Halloween. Steve Bee and 5'6 Casper, his bro Kev threw down for the 5'7....Beware Bros Brennan in the Shorey!

the remaining 5'1 Caspahhhhhh hand-shaped by Joe Bauguess for the Swift Movement. These are the real deal Holyfields, beware half-steppin imposters!

Rocker Rikky IV came thru with de slick SIMS Eric Nash. CRISPONES!

He also snapped this one from Monday...

More rights, this time in Norway. PSP del fuego courtesy of Anders and Marie. How's the Junod treating ya?

And bringin it back to River Street by way of Flushing Meadow, SJONES gettin nice in Tim's and a Jansport. Respect to Shams de Baron and Norman Vename!

-RIGHT COAST book signing tomorrow nite with Susannah Ray, 8pm at the Shop.
-It's Awesome Allison's birthday too and Secret Project is building all these cool-n-scary cardboard trees. BOO!