Tuesday, August 26, 2008


New York Surf Film Festival TICKETS are ON SALE NOW! To be held at Tribeca Cinemas September 27-29th 2008. Wicked and crucial program!

((More Summer madness! Ain't nuthin like background swell with light onshores and the tide behind it. Foaming lips for ultimate tail release and rotational turns/airs. Aiones sliding the shorey inna 3/2 to avoid jellyfish stings. He's sensitive like that...

FUN FRONT...Linden Blvd in full swing...

ODB shred associate. No fins no INS!

IROC Adam 2-plus-1-ing an incoming push. What up with the Scampi cuz? Epic sesh!


Practicing for the Classic

NEW Nat Russell prints! Dope yo...

Dub and Bless gettin'weird with their Schwinns. This beer is wine!

Norwegian Marie and Junod eggy single. See ya at Pig Sty Point!

((Mental weekend of light onshore background swell)) Legendary Corner shredder Ghostface Keith rides a thruster every day of the week. If the waves are small he just rides a beefier one. Here he is reppin what looks like something stolen from the McNulty Brothers! TMRESPECT!

Adam Camaro of Newyorksurf.com fame sortin it out like Hans. Corner Stone Provolone!

Over the Hill original LB shredder Skeletor Tynan held it down all day Sunday. Classic ham and cheese styles. HBRespect!

Skeletor in the Shorey...

Birds dig Spoons and Vaqueros!

*Full run of DAKINE boardbags in. Everything from 5'10 to 10'

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hoodie Time!

New unisex yacht club runaway-themed Mollusk hoodies! Rachel Kaye reppin proper inna SF style. Rachel's new show opens Thursday 7-10pm at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery 3166 16th Street San Francisco, California. SEEK!

(serena m-miller foto)

Great for watching YouTube in. Check it, Robert A. Gaggins and F.M. Boros shady during the day...

p.s. Petro came Friday so your board is probably back! Just in time for Huey...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ly Bud Respect

RB calling Ly Buds from Monster Island...

Hooooooo!!!!! Ly-buds Carlson charging Jaws on a 12'1 Brewer single fin. Homeboy hooked up the RB order and visit. HBRESPECT! Dick claims Lyle is his best student since Gerry Lopez.

Strictly Funboarding

JH sent a mysterious email last month with the image below attached. I didn't ask questions. This past weekend Adam M. Ant was seen blazing a lo-tide speedy shorey on a friend's Fineline MP. Small talk turned HB and a nebulus question regarding HULLTASTIC VOYAGE appeared in the line-up. GTF out of here!?!? Kendall Rossi too!?!? Kustomers gone MENTHULL. Please don't sue! or sew?

Jake Bee of Hi-Shred fame sent this one from the roads South and West. While Western, KLM has been pimpin' the Mystery Mobile w/broken turn signals and Florida plates for disguise. Beware Miami Fade, Smallahassle, West Calm Beach and Sorrysota!

-More BIRDIES! Keepin' it colorful
-Crystal Voyager DVD re-stocks. ESSENTIAL GREENOUGH!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Board Review

New boards from BJ Hilbers!

6'6 Fineline bumpless quad

6'4 Fineline bumpless quad

6'3' Fineline McCopy thruster

Surfing-boards in stock:
5'1 Casper by Joe Bauguess for Swift
5'3 Mabile keel
5'5 Magic Carpet by Mabile for Swift
5'5' Christenson keel
5'6 Simfish by Joe Bauguess for Swift
5'8 Rainbow Pavel speed dialer
5'8 Faktion quad fish
5'10 Mandala 2-plus-1 Stubbo Concavo
5'9 Fineline Gee Bee
5'10 Rainbow Pavel speed dialer
5'10 Fineline quad fish
5'10 Mayo quad fish
5'10 Pendoflex quad w/glass on Pendofins by Steve Pendarvis for Swift
5'11 Campbell Bros Bumble Bee 3 (Red)
5'11 Campbell Bros Bumble Bee 3 (Steel Blue)
5'11 Campbell Bros Bumble Bee 3 (70's Yellorange)
6'0 Casper by Joe Bauguess for Swift
6'0 Mayo quad fish
6'0 Junod Pumpkin Seed single
6'0 Hanel Speed Egg quad
6'0 Fineline bumpless quad fish
6'1 Daniel Thompson Flying Fish for Swift
6'3 Fineline 'mc copy' glass on thruster (EPIC!)
6'4 Fineline Little Sh*t single
6'4 Fineline bumpless quad fish
6'4 Fineline Micro-Dirt
6'4 Hanel 'bonzer'5
6'4 Junod Pumpkin Seed single
6'6 Campbell Bros Russ Short Bonzer 3
6'6 Rainbow Pavel quad fish
6'6 Fineline MP 2-plus-1 hull-shredder
6'6 Fineline diamond tail quad
6'8 Rainbow Pavel quad fish
6'8 Andreini Vaquero
6'9 Long fish w/glass on Geppys by Bob Mitzven for Swift
7'0 Rainbow Pavel quad fish
7'0 Campbell Bros Bonzer-5 semi-g
7'0 Fineline eggy single
7'4 Junod eggy single
7'4 Andreini Vaquero pintail
7'6 Junod eggy single
7'6 Rainbow Pavel quad fish
7'10 Andreini Vaquero
9'1 Andreini Vaquero
9'4 Mayo soft-tail
9'6 Junod pintail log w/glass on fin
9'6 Junod Regular Old Noserider
9'8 Mayo soft-tail
11' Christenson Glider quad w/glass on Geppys

210 kent ave
brooklyn, ny 11211

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keepin it RB

RESPECT to RB for reppin Metropolitan and River. The red door entrance will never smell the same! Props to FM Boros for safe passage and roasted corn. RB keepin it HB inna BKtown...

Richard Brewer Live in New York

Dick will be at the shop Tuesday afternoon. Details soon. As for boards, our order is already at the glassers!

FM Boros is heading into Midtown to pickup Mr. Brewer NOW. He'll be at the shop around 1:30-ish if anyone can extend lunch or sneak outta work.

Monday, August 18, 2008

LP Hustler

Good Wampum

Johnny R. Muscles making the Monday run up from Jerz to do the thing...

The Thing-- 8'1 Andreini...one paison to anutha.

Thanks to everyone who reached in the rain for Beach Blanket Burnout. Haven't seen that much Coors Lite since that B-movie about frat boys. Funny, people were bummed Al's jeans weren't tighter. Homeboy rolled up in baggy stoned-washed ones, what up with that? Pettibon RESPECT-

Al w/local frenchies

Got weird this weekend at the Blackpool residence located in the Hoeck van de Visschers region known for vinegar distillation.

Five Nine peacin East in search of HA...

looking South toward Sty-town


...Blackpool & Halloween DANO. There's a killer magic shop right over the dunes...

Local shred-doggers Danny and Drew post arvo sesh. Good lookin' on the Spoon in the shorey!

Cornelius seconds before busting a vertical whitewater rebound into a deterred cutback 360...making the section!

rad-looking right, that's CB kickin'out

Father of Master Blackpool on an inside one

Apres-surf grinds with Master Miles. Seared steak over mesclun w/fresh corn, fresh tomatoes and THE fresh muhtz!

Apres-dejeuner fumer, sometimes a cigar...

-Full run of Molluskine boardsox back in stock!
-FINELINES this week!

*Josh Hall will be in town late September (24th - 30th) for the New York Surf Film Festival and is taking orders. Call the shop for details...718-218-7456.