Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Wampum

Johnny R. Muscles making the Monday run up from Jerz to do the thing...

The Thing-- 8'1 paison to anutha.

Thanks to everyone who reached in the rain for Beach Blanket Burnout. Haven't seen that much Coors Lite since that B-movie about frat boys. Funny, people were bummed Al's jeans weren't tighter. Homeboy rolled up in baggy stoned-washed ones, what up with that? Pettibon RESPECT-

Al w/local frenchies

Got weird this weekend at the Blackpool residence located in the Hoeck van de Visschers region known for vinegar distillation.

Five Nine peacin East in search of HA...

looking South toward Sty-town


...Blackpool & Halloween DANO. There's a killer magic shop right over the dunes...

Local shred-doggers Danny and Drew post arvo sesh. Good lookin' on the Spoon in the shorey!

Cornelius seconds before busting a vertical whitewater rebound into a deterred cutback 360...making the section!

rad-looking right, that's CB kickin'out

Father of Master Blackpool on an inside one

Apres-surf grinds with Master Miles. Seared steak over mesclun w/fresh corn, fresh tomatoes and THE fresh muhtz!

Apres-dejeuner fumer, sometimes a cigar...

-Full run of Molluskine boardsox back in stock!
-FINELINES this week!

*Josh Hall will be in town late September (24th - 30th) for the New York Surf Film Festival and is taking orders. Call the shop for details...718-218-7456.


Deepism said...

Nice one sock post sesh shot. ELI steez...

Mr. Lentini said...

danny is that a peter beard diary page I see on that board behind you?