Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yes Sir, No Sir

A beautiful evening to be had on River St. Yes, summer is in full swing. No better time of day to be out in the streets of Brooklyn then at night. The temperatures cool to where it's bearable and as Whodini say's "the freaks come out at night!" Avey Tare set it off as a wicked selection of flicks played on the tankers. A cat with a grill on the front of his bike serving grill cheeses even showed up.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Better With A Spoonful Of Leather

Much mahalo to Avey Tare for holding it down last night for an impromptu River St. extravaganza and to all those that came out. Last night's party pictures to come soon...
A P.S.A. from the south side of town.
The latest and greatest from Mark E. Don't tell him, but I think it's his best yet! 6'1 shredder kine.

J.O.J. board load up. Straight from Gary Hanel / Moonlight Glassing. 
5'9 twin fin. $800.

5'10 quad. $750.

5'11 twin fin. $800.

7'0 Egg. $750.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Heavy

Wa Dem A Do. Small kine wind swell building for the weekend warriors.
    ***MAJOR PSA***
Tuesday evening (6/28) River St / Mollusk NYC will be in effect with a special DJ block party set by Avey Tare aka Dave Portner of Animal Collective fame. Homeboy will be throwing down on the 1's & 2's on the dock, projections on the big screen, and cupped beverages will be in order. Party jumps off around 8PM till late. Come correct!!!!
 J.O.J. board load up...
Fineline kine....
6'3 - 2 +1 -$old

 6'6 - 2+1 - $775

 9'5 - D Fin - t.b.d. - inquire!!!

 Anderson kine!
9'3 Farberow 2 - $985

 9'6 Brothers Marshall - $1025
 9'4 Farberow 2 - $970

Welcome to the team! KiKi co-captain and Fyah Island underground livin' Quinn will be holdin' down some shifts in the shop and shredin' the pavement. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power Source

Small kine weekend fade away.

The pit crew getting ready for the Makers Market this weekend.
Serena brainstorming and overseeing the operation.
J.O.J. board load up to the max.
Andreini styles:
A key lime pie 6'1 2 +1 Bullet Stub. $850

A ketchup sash 6'10 Vaquero. $900. A real hotdog!

Ivory white 8'2 Vaquero. $800.

Cream puff tuff. 9'5 Spoon. $1,075.

Cool blue. 9'2 Sam. $1,125.

Fineline kine.
Lightly tanned. 6'6 Egg. $750.

Winter fresh. 6'10 Egg. $750.

 The Grey Poupon. 7'2 Egg. $775.
Eggplant parm. 9'1 Corsair. $880.

Peppermint ice cream. 7'6 Egg. $775.

Eat your heart out!