Friday, January 30, 2009

Nite Jewel

The phone rang a few minutes after noon, 'Hey man you sold me that purple board last week and it goes backwards. Can I like, come by and trade it in?' An accomplice to the gentleman who called last week and asked whether 'the keg was going over there' and if not he'd 'bring some muld wine' via canoe but was 'afraid of getting hit by an airplane' and never showed. His cousin Trace came the following week with a friend from across the BQE, Moosie...

Awhile later arvo Saved Williams came in, retold a story of getting jacked at jacket gunpoint on the way for a slice and losing 2 hundo and a cell phone. Pizza has always been dangerous. Heads been bombin hard quality of life on the high rise dubwise and otherwise...

Early 90's Flushing Meadow skate Stanner Chris Carcich in the haus! Serious support the short Cross Island flashbacks, check the ELF MPC RIP vaudeville styles. Tuff Respect...

Kirk Consafos' sent over his Corned Bison recipe, he's also got a couple of new books in the oven by Patrick Trefz and Joe Curren. Stay brined... a central Cal. raised, grass fed bison became this piece of brisket, he then spent 3.5 weeks in a secret mix of brine and spices in my fridge, then 3.5 hours in the pot, cabbage and carrots in for the last 1/2 hour

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sun Rises In The East

Coast Guard Gavin stopped by the other night with fotos his wife took a few hurricanes back at a spot whose location is highly sensitive due to its proximity to the neighborhood where Giovanni da Verrazzano retreated after one of his men took a Lenape arrow to the neck. From the shorey to Central Booking...

Alas, the 6'6 Russ Short Bonzer-3. Late 70's template for those who like their single fins on steroids!

JOJ TODAY: The ...lost classic 5'5 x 19 1/4 and 5'5 REDUX!

Checkout these dope fishy bags our girl Maiko made. Great for wax, sunblock, fins, sambos and smugglin' Pickles!

Rikky the Rocker is on the road again but I have a strong feeling he'll be buying a board when he returns!?

Our man from the East Joey C. Gallagher is out West paying respect to Bearded John and other CA. surf soldjahs. If you're rolling that way, checkout his show up in SF at CC Rider...

Happy Birthday Summer Blain! Meatballs are great just before bed and first thing in the morn...especially from Dora.

STOP INSANITY ISLAND MEETING THURSDAY 6-8pm at the Long Beach Public Library, 111 W. Park Ave, LBNY.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Words Of The Prophets Written On The Subway Walls

Campbell Brothers'Bonzers JOJ from Moonbase Central! A fish, an egg a not featured 6'6" Russ Short and a couple of high performance Bonza Fives for those wishing to step-up they GAMESON! Speaking of which, howz da conde kine Bubbie fotos?

5'10 Campbell Bros Octafish w/glass on bamboos

6'4 Bonzer-5 w/bamboos (Don't blow it Marty!)

6'6 Bonzer-5

6'8 Bonzer-5 Eggy

RK and TA just got back from their pure-planing Baja trip, checkout the Coinstar Chronicles on the Hydrodynamica blog for some next level way it was, is and always will be footy. Frank White St Nick's in the Park Tuff HB Respect!

Brody of KnowMoreProdcutions fame rolled by to show off a not-so-recent tat and chat up the new Animal Collective vid the crew did...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Return of Riche Kamemme

Tomorrow nite in downtown San Diego where Casper sleeps and the Padres play...

JOJ from SD aussi 6'0 McCoyish thruster shaped by Chris Christenson w/glass on Larry Gephardt fins. Next level thruster kine for displaced lip bashing!

Clams and Gribble Cams

Saved Williams brought Rob Postgrom by who's apparently a pro-am shredder and recently moved to LB from Jersey or Florida or California so feel free to drop in next time you see him at Stinkin! What up HA?

John Esquerra makes wooden waves: Rockaway, Banyans and Five O's. Soon Come!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Tearrance and Team Desk Rider

Check it, Alberto from SF and Enrique from NYC are showing some recent creations at SPACE868 in Bolinas, California. Here's what Mr. Cuadros had to say:

The show is called "Exoticism" it's mostly text based illustrations relating to working and wandering people, specificly hobos and gypsies, people that travel, utilizing mainstream society in order for financial survival, but still managing to live outside of it's confines, much like artists, musicians and other intellectuals.

Jim Cook good-look from John Hannon's old hood...

When Dan Diknamwer aka Andrew Kidman was in town two winters ago he wouldn't stop talking about how stand-up this guy Brian Lentini was. Now we can all know and like G.I. Joe said, 'Knowing is half the battle.'

-Seaworthy, One Track Mind, Sliding Liberia and Hot Buttered Soul are back in stock!
-Bamboo quad fins JOJ from Rainbow (Canard, AK4 & R1/R4)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Land of Lenape

Local Dave aka Local Ha aka LA just got back from Hawaii where this is whatSUP!

the 7'7 Tom Parrish single fin has left the building! Hey boys, it was purchased by a lady too. How's your step-up game son? (5'5 Christensen keel adjacent to said shred-stix)

Eh paison, 4 o'clock GOO-TAY courtesy of Rosa's, Maspeth and Stephen Saggin.

Check the Peter Halasz paintings in the background of this poached one from artinfo...

*Just got word from Moonbase that 6 Campbell Brothers Bonzers are wrapped and ready to be shipped! Should be in NY the week of the 27th...

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Young Must Run

Tuff Respect to Dubstar and the Larkin Family for bringing FUN full circle and reminding us what it's all about. Australia in the house! Check it, Big Joe perusing Musica Surfica and giving props to Tom Wegener...

We brought the water and Larkin brought the Koozies!

Although this mystery man had his own XCEL 7mm version...

Eric Dee reppin a Friday mustache on Thursday

HB After Dark:

Maiko keepin it HB with an HPNR courtesy of BJ Hilbers...

Joe and Valerie Frok w/7'6 Fineline eggy single...Nite ridin!

Back Down Under, Andrew Kidman was hittin it on one of his own creations. A widow-making channel bottomed shred stix, seeeeek! Checkout his new ETHER blog

Ben Mistak sent this via Bruce Barone fotography...

Jonathan K. Nap left for California today to pursue a life of fame and fortune. This was taken earlier in the week somewhere in Suffolk

Jah Bless w/new kitten Fellini. Time to regulate Willis!

Ah yessssss, a bit of cuisine from Chez Blackpool

6'4 x 21 x 2 3/4
Robert August twinny w/period airbrush! ($425)