Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Tearrance and Team Desk Rider

Check it, Alberto from SF and Enrique from NYC are showing some recent creations at SPACE868 in Bolinas, California. Here's what Mr. Cuadros had to say:

The show is called "Exoticism" it's mostly text based illustrations relating to working and wandering people, specificly hobos and gypsies, people that travel, utilizing mainstream society in order for financial survival, but still managing to live outside of it's confines, much like artists, musicians and other intellectuals.

Jim Cook good-look from John Hannon's old hood...

When Dan Diknamwer aka Andrew Kidman was in town two winters ago he wouldn't stop talking about how stand-up this guy Brian Lentini was. Now we can all know and like G.I. Joe said, 'Knowing is half the battle.'

-Seaworthy, One Track Mind, Sliding Liberia and Hot Buttered Soul are back in stock!
-Bamboo quad fins JOJ from Rainbow (Canard, AK4 & R1/R4)


TND said...

Yo, I was all ready to go to the gallery on my lunch break...forgot to read "Bolinas..CALIFORNIA".

Mr. Lentini said...

thanks for the shout out....