Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fat Tony's Basement

Crucial mysto sesh this morn w/only four others out spread across a couple beaches. One of them being Martin the Militant One whose wife gave birth two days prior (Congrats!) and homeboy was already out shredding as a proud father of three. Seems the family men (and FM) get the best waves around here, modems still don't surf...

The night before Frank Mezzogiorno lost his virginity at Patsy's Uptown (there's only one Patsy's and it's on 1st Ave between 117th and 118th), where slices are $1.75 and pies still $11. Note to Mr. Demarco...

FYI: Sorrento's of Long Beach (kitty-corner from the Laurel) is making ill Neapolitan pies, just ask Franco. He took the pic and is half Neapolitan...

Hayden P. and semi-cropped Junod lam, OOH LA LA MICHEL!

Blackpool Coffee Kine

Snowmageddon II!

Patsy's Fame

Stills from Spike Lee's CLOCKERS

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Blowout

Drew Kookbox came by today with his mysterious 'twin pin' and as usual conversation turned toward all the epic sessions he's had on it in Dirty Jerz this winter. Fully jonesing but not for long, it's hard to be a saint in the city. Look for some serious KB action in haus for Spring...

NYSURFILMorgan and Mabile twinzer Jersey Beefsteak green tomato

Tuff Tow-Mas and Octo with extra-large Future boxes and $100 fin tax to be paid in Puerto Rico only

Much coveted 5'9 Creek fish relocated. You blew it...

Brazilian Board Appreciation Day/Shred-a-Thon featuring Guiga, Luis and unknown former CT/QS Casper shredder



Elsewhere, French Charles (Sharl) was in trim

Fins by Geppy, stubbie-cooler by Ando, Bolt by Bubbie, Casper Mini by Clams, Mustache gift set from Nuno, KF patch from Rad Marriage, sticker from the Islands...

Blackpool's been brewing beans lately which he smuggles into the country in the shape of glassed surfboards shaped by exotic foreign native nationals

Alleged 'Mantauk' blend gets you high from just smelling it

Even jocks write now not realizing the number of women in Golden Triangle and the number of female fans who follow them

Mental Van

H'D'awg sent this shot which strangely resembles a Peter Halasz painting

Don't trust no shadows after dark

Uptown Downtown All Around Town


Monday, February 15, 2010

Nobody Surfs More Than Franco

Sometimes it's so easy to run the hampster wheel regarding dims, fins, split toes or round, lobsters or mitts, poly or epoxy, keel, quad, single, bonzer or thruster, Parrish or Brewer, Drylock, Bohemia or R4 to a point where this becomes more convenient/enjoyable than actually paddling out and riding a wave. Here, Francois Michel Bourgeois momentarily off the wheel and saggin up afternoon leisure with what looks to be his widow/drama-maker and 'nobody out?!?!?' A term ex-specially relative to this locale, one of the more populated yet grinding jetties in North America where secretly we know Keone was in the water sharing the kine of aloha that comes with the name. Foto by his lady Beth P...