Thursday, December 31, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

Some newish sleds in the BK-area just in time for Twenty-Ten...

6'4 FCD Octopus quad ($735)

6'10 FCD 2-plus-1 Egg/Huevo ($785)

6'7 Anderson Evolver 2-plus-1 white widow shredder ($725)

5'9 Rainbow Creek fish ($850)

6'0 Rainbow Speed Dialer ($825). Fans sold separately, that's up to you!

6'2 Rainbow Speed Dialer ($825)

Timmy Sugars and 7'2 Rainbow quad as gifted by his lady. PROPER!

Scott H and 6'4 Octopus shredder

Gee-wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

People Who Died (Died)

Hope Santa was kind to everyone who believes, I know Bruce Springsteen still does...

Couple pix from Kidman's ETHER show at 303, some by him some by somebody else...

Secret Project ETHER Blizzard, pix by L'homme Enfant. (Yoko and friends not shown)

San Marco Pizza located at 577 Lorimer and established in 1969. Cafe bar for 'friends' but whatever you do, don't ask them for an egg sambo!

Medium L and Christmas gift for his brother and one for himself! Keep shredding...

You too can become part of the Manchild Fan Club, just send a SASE and $30,000 to 555 Dub Street....

Raja, always raddddddd...

Ty lives in Maine and is allowed to dress like this!


Clams supervising from the road

Jon Wong LIVE from the Islands. PBONES, you jealous?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Holy Days

'Santa are you coming Saturday night? I heard there might be pink snow...'

....8pm at Mollusk/Secret Project Robot part 2 of Andrew Kidman's ETHER with recent NY/NJ work, visual projections, live music from AK, HK, PH and others. Cupped beverage service, rumoured Bus BBQ appearance and warm vinyl vibes courtesy of Dubstar and Matchy.

Liam McNamara demonstrates, AK approves...

HA's in HI and will be missed

As seen on RK's Hydro-blog, Summer Rain blazing a 5'8 Simster. It's a shame these boards don't work on the backhand! BTW dudes, when was the last time you took off on a wave that size?!?!?!? Femme shred respect!

Walk it out (HA)

We've been mourning the loss of our shop kitty this week. Andy Kat's body was found along Kent Ave early Tuesday morning after being struck by a car. She was born this past summer on River Street where she now rests in tuff kitty power. You'll be greatly missed. Couple from the archives...

-NEW DVDS: Modern Collective, A Pleasant Surprise, Runman Trilogy (finally re-issued!)
-Drifter and The Present re-stocks JOJ today
-Bamboo fins 101 in all the wicked shapes and sizes! (quad fin sets, bonzer center fins, etc)
-Tons of books and other surfy holiday gift ideas in stock