Wednesday, April 30, 2008

East River Highlanding

Jesus was a carpenter but Bubbie's building the steps...

Good on ya Deck!

Checkout the used Pavel 'Otter' that came in over the weekend all the way from Rhode Island. It has an abbreviated stringer and scooped out deck for added flex similar to a Pendoflex. 7'2" x 22" x 3" ($OLD! to Mike Michaels...)

Jah Bless keepin' it green

Moose is hittin' it yo...

Big Dog Bacon Burgers on Glazed Donuts....YUM!

pic courtesy of Chef Wacht
More XCEL rubber came in this afternoon...4/3's, boots and gloves.

DVD madness!
-The complete Gidget collection-2 disc set featuring Gidget, Gidget goes to Hawaii and Gidget Goes to Rome!
-Captain Surf (1983 Dave Natal, EPIC Tom Curren footy)
-A Walk on the West Siiiiiide (Dale Davis)

-A Sunshine Sea
-The Cosmic Children
-Mark Richards Tapes
-5 Summer Stories
-North Shore
-Endless Summer
-Slippery When Wet
-Surfing Hollow Days

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Big Dog Style"

People keep coming in with stories about the Rocco log-jammer who shouts 'Big Dog Style' at anyone shredding. Thruster Justin's ears won't stop ringing! BIG DOG STYLES!

Alfalfa left this at BVD's crib...

...or was it Buckweat?

Jah Bless sent this one of Tearrrrrrance inna Boriqua Big Dog Style...

look, even GROM's can rep it BDS.....

OGHBP KLM inna BD/HBPS. Btw, that's a mesh Mollusk baseball cap, not a trucker hat!

*Fish Fry(e) Saturday 7am at Lincoln BLVD, rain or shine. After Party at the Shop! Streetside BBQ, cupped beverage service and BEYOND BLAZING BOARDS!!!!

m o l l u s k
210 kent ave
brooklyn, ny 11211

5'6" Casper out the door...

FYI: If you're looking for a house-share in Montauk this summer call (908) 403-9444 or email

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cryptic Chic

lots of new and used boards came in over the weekend, couple Gribble pix...

Caspers! Here's the 5'3" (5'6" ($OLD!) , 5'10" in stock)

the Teamsters are trading in their quads for hulls! Look what the Don dragged in:

-6'1" Fineline quad fish ($675...Barely USED. Accelerated curves built for shredding. $OLD!)

-6'3" Fineline roundtail quad ($625...USED--fixed ding on nose color-matched by a pro. Good in knee high mush or overhead pipers.)

7'0" Fineline eggy single ($750)

7'0" Fineline Micro-Ant...a bellied and pinched yet 'user-friendly' hull with fine hips for increased rear turning... ($775)

m o l l u s k

FISH FRY(E) this Saturday May 3rd Lincoln Boulevard, Long Beach New York. 7am til....?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

White Hospital

CASPERS are here!--5'3", 5'6" and 5'10" EPS-shaped by Joe Bauguess as part of Richard Kenvin's Hydrodynamica test-pilot series. Made with 9AM brownie love. These are the real deal!

How's RK bending it Seymour kine styles?

mo' pixxx
NEW box of Fineline singles too, eggs and a Micro-Ant for your hull-hummin' needs...
m o l l u s k

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knockout Drops

There's an interview with Australian shaper Dain Thomas on Newyorksurf with some fotos by Andrew Kidman

Many of you heard about FM Boros life-saving incident earlier this week. Much respect cuz! Don't forget ya brother or sister in the shorey. Homeboy graduates law school in a week and has decided to spend his summer patroling Badland Beach from 1st street to Irish Point. Mitch Buchanan would be proud. A few pix from the mid-week tour...

Checkout Curious Gabe's intv on National Geographic's Adventure Life blog. Can you identify the Molluskians in this collage?

Mikey Singles sent this jazzy text after the AM sesh:

“Today was so much fun. I like surfing with those dudes (Clams, the Swiss and FMB) Jon Bless is the man, we would give each other waves and shit. Everyone was hooting each other. I live for days like today”


Geoff McFetridge's Bury Me in the Sand show opens tomorrow night at Mollusk SF, 7-10pm. Records by DJ Trace Marshall. See more of Geoff's art at Solitary Arts.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork...

MATUNAS non-petro-based eco wax is back in stock! Now you can rep it when you're shredding the 'CT or 'QS.

New boardbags from DA KINE too, whether you're heading to Indo for the summer or taking the A to Rocco sort it out with da kine exes...

Three Caspers (5'3", 5'6", 5'10") will be here on Friday along with a box of Finelines (6'8" egg, 7'0" egg, 7'0" Micro-Ant and Doug's kustom MP!)

Bubbie got an update from Christenson about the wicked-n-crucial order, it should arrive first week of May. Two additional logs in that bevy, both in the mid-9's with glass on fins...stay chuned

to the Gribble cam...

HB hair-rocker, sexy chestman and Curious Gabe alumnus (Vol 49, 1) Zach on his way home...

the kid (left) behind GROM skateboards Brady Dollarhide made these two for Moose (right) and Katherine...

A couple arvos ago Jake B came by in a suit and shredded the 1/4 pipe. The pix were deleted before being uploaded and he needed to redeem himself on the streets...

Featured Gear (for Dahveed)
-Birdies tote
-2mm XCEL cap
-5mm 5 finger gloves
-2mm Centrex (Tom Carroll) vest

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wings of Perfume

Wave Tribe Eco leashes are HERE! Made from recycled plastic...

Mr. Britannia Mark E. stopped by to show off his latest balsa/poplar project...
Yo guy, how do you like your rails?

Lots of goodies came in this afternoon...5mm boots, gloves and hooded poly-pro tops from XCEL. Shred today!

Couple NEW dvd titles:
-Beyond Blazing Boards by Chris Bystrom (finally released on dvd--Essential!)
-Believe (new Down Under film with Rasta, Kidman, Fitz family, NPJR, Nat and Beau Young...)
-Hot Buttered Soul - The Movie! (Terry Fitz/Sultan of Speed doc!)

Book Re-stocks:
-Essential Surfing (George Orbelian)
-Surfing California (Bank Wright)
-Surfing Hawaii (Bank Wright)
-Zero Break : An Illustrated Collection of Surf Writing 1777-2004 (compiled by Matt Warshaw)
-Hawaiian Surfriders 1935 by Tom Blake (Essential!)

Came across a couple of NY references in Hawaiian Surfriders 1935:

"Mullahey rode at New York...Duke P. Kahanamoku at Atlantic City and Ocean City, New Jersey, Nassau and Long Island, New York, 1912-1918." (pg. 67)

"To Mullahey of Honolulu and Valley Stream, NY goes the credit of making New York lifeguards 'surfboard minded' he battled for several years, as a lieutenant in the famous Jones Beach Life Guard Patrol, to show them the value of the surboard in rescue work. So when I came along with the improved hollow boards they were ready and eager to accept them. (pg. 69)

"Two hollow wood surfboards hinged and folded together would easily open up flat in an emergency providing a raft superior and safer than the inflated boat. It would amount to an efficient catamaran, or two pontoon boats, such as used by lifeguards at Rockaway, New York" (pg. 74)
Who is this Mullahey guy? He sounds Irish...

m o l l u s k
210 kent ave
brooklyn, ny 11211