Monday, April 28, 2008

Cryptic Chic

lots of new and used boards came in over the weekend, couple Gribble pix...

Caspers! Here's the 5'3" (5'6" ($OLD!) , 5'10" in stock)

the Teamsters are trading in their quads for hulls! Look what the Don dragged in:

-6'1" Fineline quad fish ($675...Barely USED. Accelerated curves built for shredding. $OLD!)

-6'3" Fineline roundtail quad ($625...USED--fixed ding on nose color-matched by a pro. Good in knee high mush or overhead pipers.)

7'0" Fineline eggy single ($750)

7'0" Fineline Micro-Ant...a bellied and pinched yet 'user-friendly' hull with fine hips for increased rear turning... ($775)

m o l l u s k

FISH FRY(E) this Saturday May 3rd Lincoln Boulevard, Long Beach New York. 7am til....?

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