Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wings of Perfume

Wave Tribe Eco leashes are HERE! Made from recycled plastic...

Mr. Britannia Mark E. stopped by to show off his latest balsa/poplar project...
Yo guy, how do you like your rails?

Lots of goodies came in this afternoon...5mm boots, gloves and hooded poly-pro tops from XCEL. Shred today!

Couple NEW dvd titles:
-Beyond Blazing Boards by Chris Bystrom (finally released on dvd--Essential!)
-Believe (new Down Under film with Rasta, Kidman, Fitz family, NPJR, Nat and Beau Young...)
-Hot Buttered Soul - The Movie! (Terry Fitz/Sultan of Speed doc!)

Book Re-stocks:
-Essential Surfing (George Orbelian)
-Surfing California (Bank Wright)
-Surfing Hawaii (Bank Wright)
-Zero Break : An Illustrated Collection of Surf Writing 1777-2004 (compiled by Matt Warshaw)
-Hawaiian Surfriders 1935 by Tom Blake (Essential!)

Came across a couple of NY references in Hawaiian Surfriders 1935:

"Mullahey rode at New York...Duke P. Kahanamoku at Atlantic City and Ocean City, New Jersey, Nassau and Long Island, New York, 1912-1918." (pg. 67)

"To Mullahey of Honolulu and Valley Stream, NY goes the credit of making New York lifeguards 'surfboard minded' he battled for several years, as a lieutenant in the famous Jones Beach Life Guard Patrol, to show them the value of the surboard in rescue work. So when I came along with the improved hollow boards they were ready and eager to accept them. (pg. 69)

"Two hollow wood surfboards hinged and folded together would easily open up flat in an emergency providing a raft superior and safer than the inflated boat. It would amount to an efficient catamaran, or two pontoon boats, such as used by lifeguards at Rockaway, New York" (pg. 74)
Who is this Mullahey guy? He sounds Irish...

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