Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vitreous Humor

Random visit from NC's BowerBirds turned into an instore performance. Shady Hollahide was spotted in the crowd.

Yet another shredder trading in his 6'3" thruster for something single. AKDee steez, what up HA!? Free Hula Hoop with every board purchase!

Tony Farmer brought this buy for Casino repair, part pin part swallow.

Zak from Ex-Models came upon this wall during a recent trip to SF. HB fame courtesy of Alberto...or was it Enrique? HBRESPECT!

Keepin IT Physical*
Dual fin down railed displaced Caspers in transit from the House of Reuben. Vaqueros des Andreinis have been released from the Haut shop and are also making their way x-country. Serious funboards in haus next week, wipe that smile off ya face!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Safe in the Shade

Nic from Miller Carr came by with LP's and CD's of outdoor psych fun. Nathaniel Russell was involved. Stay chuned for a Mollsukine set from them late August...

oh snitty Mr. Costalots in the haus with new shades!

83's, small and large. McCoy banana 7" b/w 'heaven is a 9'6"

Style is life. It is the very life-blood of thought! - Gustave Flaubert

Monday, July 28, 2008

Funboarding BANNED!

All this talk of sister's jeans reminds me of that adage about being kind/giving a wave to your fellow surfer because he might have a cute sister. And to think 30 something eggy comments and 0 on the post about Dick Brewer shaping and taking kustom orders again! EPIC. You'd be surprised how many 'shredders' come in looking for single fins after seeing video footy of themselves allegedly 'shredding.' Single fins smooth out style, shred ya rails not ya fins!

Funboarding is forever banned! You can surf, just don't let them catch you having fun. Wicked 8'6" Hilbers-funkine eggy single here, don't trust no shadows after the spirit of Human Rights!

Hi-performance log-pro Popeye DeTemple illegally parked his Mercedes-rimmed hooptie out front while exploring the other island. Luckily the side-bites on his 2-plus-1 quiver made it! Check the Christenson/DeTemple blunted Pro-Model...

Handsome Boy Modeling School and Popeye HB flexin

Spinach strut w/garlic and olive oil

Rad rims!

That's right Bobby Babylon, HA in ya face! Crucial BBQ w/the Brothers Marshall, Inner Most and a super-rad surprise short from our very own Toddy Stewart entitled, ''Surf Magazines Don't Talk About Lapsed Catholics."


-AXXE l/s tops and longjohns! Top o' the line.
-NinePlus l/s jackets and women's longsleeve shorties.--Super-sexy Bond girl styles!
-BIRDIES in all colors and sizes. Bunch of the 323 long-ones too!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

HBSurf Party 2NITE!

7'6" Fineline eggy single ($750)

8'6" Fineline eggy single ($775)

9'0" Fineline CORSAIR w/fin box ($975)

7'4" Pure Fun by Hank Byzak ($600)

Barely used 9'4" Tony Caramanico ($775)

Chris and 7'10" eggy

Billy Moto and C-Bucket

LB Vendage courtesy of Adam Ant!


Raja's T tee

World Inferno Raja and 9'2" Newt

Mark FU, guns and 7'4" Micro-Ant

Pat Per and 7'0" Hanel speed egg!

Adam Ant, vin rouge et Fineline!

Preppin' for August...BOOYAH!

They're HERE!

8pm 2nite rain or shine...