Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bring It Back

The return of Tuff Tuesdays with Jon Bless & Chad Dubz!
@   The Cove in Williamsburg 108 n. 6th between Berry and Whythe 

Positive Vibrations from 10-4.... Reggae all night!


Honestly never felt this seminal 90's flick 5'5'' x 19 1/4'' got enough credit for how important it was in it's day. A debouched take on alternative surf crafts in a time when Slater's glass slipper reigned supreme. The flick caps off with a rare peak into the shaping bay with Tom Curren at the helm in George Greenough's compound as Greenough lurks in the background and provides input into the shaping process. Curren ends up shaving a mohawk into his head and drives the board through Gold Coast pits. Know your roots!

...Petro will be stopping by Wednesday afternoon with ding repair drop offs and pick up. The horizon looks promising!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chunk A Deuce To A Hater

Alberto after icing it up for the weekend, one last stop at a "must see" NY landmark. HB or bust! Keep it one hundred whoadie...

Dropped off this week, a lightly used water tight Gary Hanel 6'6. Fully equipped with a George Greenough 7.0'' 4A fin. $350.

SMASH poppin' off this Friday night with a screening of Taylor Steeel's latest venture Innersections at the Helen Mills Theater: 37-139 West 26 Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues) New York, NY 10001. Tickets available here. There will be 26 simultaneous screenings of the flick on Friday all throughout North America.

On the shop front, re-stock of Xcel poly pro tops with hoods, squid lids, gloves, booties, and all that jazz. Black Friday get after it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Mollusk. Much thanks for your ongoing loyalty and support!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Men At Work

Mollusk got some visitors this week. Tiki from Down Under. He refuses to wear any kind of  wetsuit and doesn't like pants regardless of the weather. Tiki was cruising through NY with his wife and taking in the sites and sounds of the city. He stopped by a few evenings to chat about stories from back home, "Mals" a.k.a. Malibu style boards, and the kind of subtle V BK a.k.a. Barry Kanaiaupuni shapes in his boards. Tiki is a shaper himself and mows out some logs and various fish shapes. He even dropped by with a bamboo fin that he shaped by hand. Incredibly light and strong with quality craftsmanship...

...and Alberto from SF! His timing was impeccable. He smelt the 'za in the house and showed up right in time for some chow. Homeboys been on the grind from sun up to sun down. School visits, art openings, galleries, bar hopping, eating more pizza, and sleeping in abandoned warehouses in Bushwick...

Lurking in full effect at the Vans closing party for the Autumn Bowl. Dudes were throwing down in the skate jam hard body. OG Christian Hosoi was in the house flyin' faster and higher. At the end of the jam, he walked around and shook everyone hand and thanked them! Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Fyah Island's finest Q-Sherm was slidin' more rails than the Studio 54 bathroom...

International male model T- Honey was bonkin' wall rides all night...

OG H.J. layin' back in the cut...

Fresh of the truck, two new Kookbox log's shaped by Wayne Rich ...

Stepping Ahead with a 9'5 x 23 1/8 x 3

Moon Tail   9'8 x 23 x 3 1/8

12 - 8 pm Daily

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Nice

Bust a move @ BE NICE. 

We'll be offering a selection of smiles, hugs, posi vibes...
you know the drill: sweet djs, the Lion of Judah, cheap drinks, and a lot of awesome.

This Thursday, Nov. 18th @ 9pm
DJ set by:  Teen Vogue's very lovely, Sarah Frances Kuhn (aka: ESpecial) with special guests 

East River Bar
97 South 6th Street
(Between Bedford & Berry)

HOSTS: Turner, Louise Sturges (Besos y Fotos) & Mercedez Singleton (Marlow + Daughters)

General INQUIRIES: turner@turner-nyc.com
Artist Inquiries: louise.sturges@gmail.com

See you there!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Goin' Hard in The Paint

T magazine paid Mollusk a visit to shoot part of the 2011 men's spring fashion issue and rounded up some of its handsomest gents . A little pep talk to get the boys ready before the shutter starts snapping. I see you Clams. My man's stunntin' on em'...

Coming down all the way from Maine, Ty Williams getting his vogue on. Ty does some amazing art and has done some t-shirts for the shop from time to time...

Suffolk County import, Tommy Gunz. And yes ladies, he's single. Inquire at the shop for more info...

On the water front, some absolute beauties were seen peeling this weekend as the swell built in last week. With a nice east component to the swell saw some freight train lefts screaming across the beach. Jetty to jetty rides?

Doggie door not necessary...

Talk about goin' hard in the paint, we received some gems from out east in the way of Pendoflex's. This 6'0 quad got scooped by Luca. Ciao baby...

A 6'2 hi-aspect twinnie with a wing going out the tail.
6'5 hi-aspect twinnie.

To get the week started off proper, here is a short to get ya goin' by our main man Joey Cups...

Da ding doctor will be coming to town Wednesday, so pick up / drop off your boards...

Aloha cuz!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Uno Cero

 What an honor. After winning ten world titles, the king himself flew into the metro area and was whisked away to the Mollusk compound for an interview with CNN. Lights, camera, action... Mr. Cheeks, where you at?  He could have done it anywhere in the world, but demanded that it must be at Mollusk.... I guess he's looking to boost his BK street cred...

Before he could get his jacket off, he went straight to the White Pony and was straight trippin' on the hydrodynamics....maybe his next pipe board?

" So tell me Kelly, what's it like to be the greatest surfer of all time?" ....Hmmm, I wonder?

Traveling the world Kelly has become sort of shaka connoisseur, Kelly was showing the different forms of the shaka thrown around the world. Here he's giving the Hawaiian version, which as he describes is "Barely a shaka at all, just a slight extension of the thumb and pinkie and a shimmy of the hand from side to side." Do it like da kine!

... here it is ladies and gents, the key to 10 world titles...

... a signature cutback.

... on the home front, the bat signal was a shinnin' over gotham today. Time to run...

... crisp and clean was how it flowed. Slow and low is the tempo...

... a tale of two cities. Babylon is a coming for ya. Run, run, run! Oppressor!

... a run of wettie gear is on the way. Try the sun on for size sonny! 

Bless it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Train to A Frames

Mollusk enjoyed an evening with Art Brewer Tuesday night. Thanks to all that came out and showed Art some positive vibrations. Classic stories flowed of bygone eras when some surfers lived more like rockstars and not for a beverage company called Rockstar...

 ... mahalo Art.

Bubb's fashioning a multipurpose beer koozie. I know it's getting to be that time of year for gloves, but damn!

With a soft grey blanket on the sky and a light tapping of morning showers, early pulses of what's to come peeled across an outer boroughs bank...

...early morning rays warming a waking city...
... a lone wahine exiting the water after an extra early dawn patrol. Where you at dudes? Under the covers while this wahine's getting covered...
...chartered boat trips are now available.

... could be the canals of Venice. Could be the canals where Stack Bundled.

... little keiki T.T. in the shop hard stance... Each one, teach one. No worries bruddah!

... An order of winter gear is en route. Caps, hooded tops, booties, gloves, winter suits and all that jazz. Stay tuned for the touch down.