Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Denny Aaberg and Lady Evita were in town for the NYSFF and farmed a crucial set Saturday night. He brought a ten minute behind-the-scenes doc entitled Little Wednesday shot on Super- 8 during the filming of Big Wednesday which screened on Sunday and featured epic footage of Greenough, Bud Browne, Dan Merkel, Greg MacGillvray, Gerry Lopez and the Hollywood cast lampin to a backdrop of epic surf. BW Director John Milius made the trip down from somewhere north of the city and spoke often and in great detail about many things pertaining to surfing and war. Minds were blown, Katz's pastrami and chili dogs were consumed, awards given and then HA's DISCODANCE!

Fotos courtesy of Adam Camaro

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who is Brian Hilbers?

Courtesy of Fineline Surfboards and Canoga Park Geriatric.

7'6 eggy single w/tint and sanded-gloss

7'8 Micro-Ant. Hull up front, hip out the back...Total Involvement in 2008

8'0 eggy single

9'8 Newt w/glass on fin. Top 5 nicest logs seen from Mr. Hilbers in these parts. Wanna hang?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9:17pm, St. Marks and First

JOJ Board madness! Those Larry Mabile/3rd World Exotics came yesterday and a box of Finelines today. Here's a quick few of some Junod logs in the mix. A 9'1 w/finbox...

Mikey Junod 9'6 x 18 x almost 23 x 15.5 x 3 1/8 pintail w/glass on fin

10'4 Junod Paul Bunyan kine and/or for anyone interested in catching a lotta-lotta waves. Feels great under the arm!

Square tails and Oklahoma attitudes...eat ya spaghetti!

More board pix tomorrow...

Rad fotog Susunnah Ray came by the shop with copies of her DIY-ey flexi book, Right Coast. Lots of familiar faces in the mix, a young Chris 'Knucklehead' Caezzo looking like the altar boy he is, Joseph William Vongole at the Casino, Timmy 'Kimo' Hill in various poses, the best one donning an Agnostic Front windbreaker, epic waves, mattresses and girls with casts...Stay chuned for a book signing soon...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jah Bless Monia

That's right, after 15 months of waiting Monia will be reppin the streets of Metropolitan and River. Cupped beverage BBQ tomorrow night at the shop in her honor. JB no longer has to spend his days making Hard Body signs and other wood-related items!

Check the JBkine sled....being lammed by Eddie Fawess, in the shorey soon!

Fin de HJB

When was the last time you saw homeboy smile!?! NOW HA!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

What are you reading?

NEW YORK SURF FILM FESTIVAL THIS FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY at Tribeca Cinemas! Tickets and Program...

SM2 sign courtesy of Jon Bless. Wife reunion BBQ at the shop Tuesday nite, Bembe afterwards!

B. Muscles w/consiglieres Bubba and FM Boros

the black cat, the black cat...

Grey Ghost stubbie single by Joseph William Falcone, glassing by Brian Wynn. ($725)

Danny Hess hand-planer for those serious about their shorey. ($175)

-Logs by Michel Junod this week along with a box or two of Finelines AND MABILES!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bobby Bomboloncino

Surfboards JOJ! 5'10 Josh Hall Mini-Fish Simmons w/glass on Daniel Partch fins. Seriously off the chain!

7'6 Fish Simmons w/glass on Daniel Partch fins. Not unlike the shredder Mr. Hall made for us!

Jazzed by the non-jazz at Secret Project

Mark Petrocelli of Faktion Surfboards and kustom for Dark Water Systems

JM of DWS w/kustom Faktion

7'4 Junod for Norweigan Marie. Eat Stoke!

Bauhaus Jason couldn't resist the 6'8 Vaquero/6'7 Mandala tri-plane hullster double fist. Beware Montaukians, more hull shredders in ya hood!

Homeboy lives in Queens and rides singlefins. Can you keep it any realer?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Margin Walkers

Rumors of Huey.....something Jim Cook sent from the last swell.

Tino Vinto book Cop.

Red Dawn II HB'd Death By Audio last nite! Allison hittin kit, Wolfy voxin guits....No Time for Love Dr. Jones!

-Joseph William and Franco Michael are in Jerz Nature heading toward a BKtown. That's right, the Mani Mandala/Josh Hall/Brian Wynn collabs are coming!