Friday, September 19, 2008

Bobby Bomboloncino

Surfboards JOJ! 5'10 Josh Hall Mini-Fish Simmons w/glass on Daniel Partch fins. Seriously off the chain!

7'6 Fish Simmons w/glass on Daniel Partch fins. Not unlike the shredder Mr. Hall made for us!

Jazzed by the non-jazz at Secret Project

Mark Petrocelli of Faktion Surfboards and kustom for Dark Water Systems

JM of DWS w/kustom Faktion

7'4 Junod for Norweigan Marie. Eat Stoke!

Bauhaus Jason couldn't resist the 6'8 Vaquero/6'7 Mandala tri-plane hullster double fist. Beware Montaukians, more hull shredders in ya hood!

Homeboy lives in Queens and rides singlefins. Can you keep it any realer?

1 comment:

Jack said...

that andreini hull looks insane, but i'll sick with my liddle:) so psyched on the smoothie, as is well ... so so smooth!!! oh, btw me and the militant one crashed saturday (creek fish vs the ant II)- not pretty as the fineline needs a decent repair!!!