Monday, July 30, 2007

Light Of Faro

"I think I have made just one picture that I really like, and that is Winter Light. Everything is exactly as I wanted to have it, in every second of this picture."
-Ingmar Bergman (July 14, 1918 - July 30, 2007)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Your Surfing DVD Specialists

DVD's rule. Fun to watch when there are waves and fun to watch when there aren't. Re-stocks arrived this morn along with a bunch of new titles. Check it yo...

Morning Of The Earth, Alby Falzon
The spirit of it all. One of the best surf movies of all-time. It was the morning of the earrrrrrrrhuhhhhhhherrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhttttttthhhhhhh

Five Summer Stories, Macgillivray-Freeman
Amazing and beautiful. Tmoe cites these dudes as influences.

A Sunshine Sea, Mac-Freeman
"In a world of industrialization, population, explosion, and environmental destruction the surfer somehow has managaed to establish a wonderful harmony with the oceans’ waves and nature."
Featuring David Nuuhiwa, Nat Young, Mark Martinson, and Bill Hamilton in Portugal, France, Hawaii, and California.

Siestas and Olas, Dan Wozniak
Tom Wegener, Josh Farberow meet Tudor for epic Puerto pits and later score majestic Petaculco. Complete with Cali narration.

A Sea For Yourself, Hal Jepson
"The L.A. Times called this film, "A stunningly photographed celebration of the beauty and joy of surfing." 70's madness with Hackman, B.K., Lopez, Russell, Abelliro, Dora, Bertlemen, Fitzgerald, McTavish, Young, Reno, and Riddle in California, France, Peru, Australia, and Hawaii. Soundtrack by Dennis Dragon.

Psych Out, Walt Phillips
'60's styles with Mike Doyle, Pete Cole, Lance Carson, Phil Edwards, Jack O'Neil, Harold Igge, and Donald Takayama in Hawaii and California.

Sunset Surf Craze, Walt Phillips
Hawaii '59 kine with George Downing, Fred Van Dyke, Del Cannon, Peter Cole, Bob Sheppard, Pat Curran, Ricky Grigg, Bill Coleman.

Invasion From Planet C, Stoked
"Planet C has run out of waves! Two heros are sent to Earth. Their mission: to mine the oceans and return with STOKE! Will they succeed? Or will they succomb to Earth's guilty pleasures? They're coming to take your waves! They're coming to take your women! INVASION! From Planet C. The Sci-Fi Surf Movie." (SurfVideoNetwork)

Plus Powell's early skate classics, re-released on DVD:
Bones Brigade
Future Primative
Animal Chin
Public Domain
Ban This

Litmus (Kidman, Frank, Sutherland)
Glass Love (Kidman)
The Seedling (Campbell)
Sprout (Campbell)
Runman VHS (Runmen. LA rules!)
Innermost Limits of Pure Fun VHS (Greenough. Epic rights, every regular footer should own)

More copies of Trefz's 'Thread' are on the way...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The City Wears A Slouch Hat

Around the block artist James Victore stopped by to show us his latest Mike Becker/Natures Shapes collabs featuring black line drawings of sexy ladies and skulls. Always badass with a howdy tossed in for charm, Becks shapes and lams the boards while Victore does the dirty.

So yesterday arvo this tall lanky dude walks in with a hat pulled tightly over his eyes and heads straight toward the boards and begins taking rail measurements with his hands, cupping them around and fingering the edges. The guy looks mad familiar. Shit yo, it's Terry Simms. You know, the guy from that TSJ cover (volume 6 #3), doing one of the best full extended bottom turns captured on celluloid via legendary NorCal fotog Bob Barbour. Terry looks up from fondling yet another board and nods, 'Man, it feels like 1974 in here. My favorite time period in surfing'


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


July 21 - August 25
at Secret Project Robot (located in the forest of Monster Island)
210 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

A show of handmade record covers. ART OF MUSIC pays tribute to those who appreciate, collect and make handmade record art. It emphasizes the care in producing "a total work of art" in which the music becomes part of a synthesis including visual and audio representation in regards to style, fashion and the underground. The show features hundreds of handmade original and limited edition Record, tape and CD covers from various artists, collectors, labels, and bands- spanning across a variety of eras, genres, and styles.

Secret Project Robot is an installation and performance centered experimental art space that believes in creating a supportive environment which functions outside the usual commercial sphere where artists are free to experiment, create, and develop styles that aren't contingent upon their ability to sell.

Corner of Monster Island

Jeff Canham, typographont-master and twinzer fan just finished painting our sign (rumored to be a masterwork) which is in the process of beng shipped out here from SF. We can also be identified by this eye-peeling Maya Hayuk mural.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sewn For Shredding

Fresh old school quality kine. Sewn for shredding, yoga-like kung fu radness and other unmentionables. Allow the 'outseam' of the short to ride up and immediately improve your surfing. Make those vertical shredding turns you've always dreamed of while keeping it high-waisted real like Tom Blake.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hannon and Kiddies

newyork non-godfather John Hannon explains:

The purpose of this column is only incidentally related to surfing. The point to be made is what is printed as factual actually isn’t.

1. 1912. Duke Kahanamit is said to have visited New York and introduced “standup surfing.” It also called him the father of modern surfing. Perhaps he is. There were others back in Hawaii at the time that might question this.

2. 1934. Tom Blake came to Jones Beach. The first surfboards I ever saw were the Blake boards used by the Jones Beach lifeguards. Today we would call these paddleboards. Back then they were not only state-of-the art but had a high-tech outer coating way ahead of its time. No fault found with this part.

3. 1960. “After successfully selling surfboards out of his mother’s garage for a long time, Long Island’s John Hannon opens the area’s first surf shop – Hannon Surfboards – near Gilgo.” Well what’s wrong with that?

a. Never sold surfboards out of my mother’s garage. I was in Great Neck where I had my workshop on East Shore Road. The first boards were sold exclusively in White Mountain Ski Shop in Great Neck.

b. Way down the road I had a surf school and rental show at Gilgo Beach, which is on Long Island’s south shore. Great neck is on the north shore.

c. “… later Hannon is dubbed the, ‘father of New York surfing.’” Some more nonsense. First of all, surfing, I believe, had an immaculate conception – in New York and anywhere else, it just didn’t have to be sired. However, if a paternity suit had to be filed, I’d be at the end of a long line. The names Bill Coleman, Bobby Knapp and Tom Hevil I can recall. I’m sure there were many, many more. Case closed!

At this point, I’m going to throw in the towel. There are four more paragraphs that are either incomplete, inaccurate or both. I think I’ve made my point. Don’t believe all you read, kiddies!

rest of the article:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Lunar Litmus Projection

Monday July 30th 8:30pm at Mollusk
(corner of Metropolitan Ave and River Street in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn)

Andrew Kidman's 1996 underground classic inspired a generation of retro-soul cool while maintaining a gritty high performance edge and honest reverance for all things young and old. Shot on video, at times dark and moody the film explores the spiritual, pretentious, hallucinatory, and epic. Often considered one of the best surf movies of all time. With Wayne Lynch, Tom Curren, Mark Occhilupo, Derek Hynd, Joel Fitzgerald and Miki Dora. Music by The Val Dusty Experiment, Galaxie 500, Yothu Yindi, the Screaming Orphans and more. Animation by Mark Sutherland.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Surfy Visuals and Such

ho bra west siiiiiiide boyz inna east river meltdown!

Copies of Patrick Trefz's THREAD arrived this morn along with Seedling and Sprout refills. Yum...

Skate legend Andy Kessler just brought in a brand new/never ridden 7'6" x 21 5/16 x 2 5/16 Takayama Egg. Yellow resin wrap, black pin and clear deck. $775.

call the shop for deets and dillies: 718-218-7456

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All About Biz

Bubbie and Dutchie gittin' down ta biz

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seen Sons

desktop pairs, seen and unseen...

little johnny dubstar inna city line obscurity

mani wells with 1st choco taco

Monday, July 16, 2007

Board List 7/16/07 (and New Stuff)

lots of boards heading toward the Sea, here's what is still here...

Quad Fish:
5’9” Faktion
5’10” Fineline
5’11” Fineline
6’0” Fineline (sold)

Twin Keel Fish:
5’6” Swift Magic Carpet
5’10” Christensen
5’10” Swift Magic Carpet
5’11” Pavel Micro Wing (sold)
6’3” Faktion

Twinzer Fish:
5’9” Swift
5’9” Mabile
6’0” Swift
6’2” Mabile

Eggy Singles, Hulls, etc:
6’4” Junod
6’5” Mandala 2 plus 1
6’9” Junod (sold)
7’6” Fineline
7’11” Liddle Hull “Smoothie”
8’0” Fineline

9’2” Gato Heroi Death Dagger
9’6” Dano Nose Glider
9’6” Gato Heroi New Pleasure
9’9” Dano Old Pleasure

Thrusters! (no joke)
6'4" Pearson Arrow
6'5" Pearson Arrow

New Stuff/Just off the Jet:

-Mandala AK4's and Quad Cutaways from Lokbox
-Children of the Sun (1968) dvd by Andrew McAlpine.
-Cosmic Children (1970) dvd by Hal Jepson. (Tom Curren's 'favorite' surf movie)
-Runman 1 (1986) by Mr. Runman (vhs...punk before Volcom)
-Invasion from Planet C dvd by David M. Potter (2007)

Still Searching

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Joe Curren and Dutchy

Late afternoon warmth in the shop, Mike and Joe looking at....

Joe making Images in front of the shop

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Opening Day at Mollusk. Tyler, Jay, Jon, Rachel, and Rip get a taste of New York's finest while watching the sunset.

Brady's clamp ramp out front.

Tyler's first NY surf.

Mollusk was a disco hustler

What our front door looked like before holla hide made the nice yellow ones...
Inscribed on the left hand side in fine print was a note from a man named Tito. Apparently he was the number one Puerto Rican at the time of Disco Hustlers.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

good enough to eat (almost)

"Tiny creatures known as marine borers, which for decades had been absent because of high levels of industrial pollution, are starting to make a comeback. They are called borers for a reason - they like to eat timber. Wooden pilings such as the ones beneath this pier are their favourite. The borers come in two varieties. One is a crustacean, Limnoria lignorum (otherwise know as a gribble), the other a mollusc usually referred to as a shipworm. Their return to New York is an ironic side-product of the city's campaign to clean up both the East and Hudson Rivers. Only last week, authorities announced that local striped bass, banned from dinner tables for the past 23 years because of contamination, are now almost fit again for human consumption"