Wednesday, July 25, 2007


July 21 - August 25
at Secret Project Robot (located in the forest of Monster Island)
210 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

A show of handmade record covers. ART OF MUSIC pays tribute to those who appreciate, collect and make handmade record art. It emphasizes the care in producing "a total work of art" in which the music becomes part of a synthesis including visual and audio representation in regards to style, fashion and the underground. The show features hundreds of handmade original and limited edition Record, tape and CD covers from various artists, collectors, labels, and bands- spanning across a variety of eras, genres, and styles.

Secret Project Robot is an installation and performance centered experimental art space that believes in creating a supportive environment which functions outside the usual commercial sphere where artists are free to experiment, create, and develop styles that aren't contingent upon their ability to sell.

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