Saturday, July 28, 2007

Your Surfing DVD Specialists

DVD's rule. Fun to watch when there are waves and fun to watch when there aren't. Re-stocks arrived this morn along with a bunch of new titles. Check it yo...

Morning Of The Earth, Alby Falzon
The spirit of it all. One of the best surf movies of all-time. It was the morning of the earrrrrrrrhuhhhhhhherrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhttttttthhhhhhh

Five Summer Stories, Macgillivray-Freeman
Amazing and beautiful. Tmoe cites these dudes as influences.

A Sunshine Sea, Mac-Freeman
"In a world of industrialization, population, explosion, and environmental destruction the surfer somehow has managaed to establish a wonderful harmony with the oceans’ waves and nature."
Featuring David Nuuhiwa, Nat Young, Mark Martinson, and Bill Hamilton in Portugal, France, Hawaii, and California.

Siestas and Olas, Dan Wozniak
Tom Wegener, Josh Farberow meet Tudor for epic Puerto pits and later score majestic Petaculco. Complete with Cali narration.

A Sea For Yourself, Hal Jepson
"The L.A. Times called this film, "A stunningly photographed celebration of the beauty and joy of surfing." 70's madness with Hackman, B.K., Lopez, Russell, Abelliro, Dora, Bertlemen, Fitzgerald, McTavish, Young, Reno, and Riddle in California, France, Peru, Australia, and Hawaii. Soundtrack by Dennis Dragon.

Psych Out, Walt Phillips
'60's styles with Mike Doyle, Pete Cole, Lance Carson, Phil Edwards, Jack O'Neil, Harold Igge, and Donald Takayama in Hawaii and California.

Sunset Surf Craze, Walt Phillips
Hawaii '59 kine with George Downing, Fred Van Dyke, Del Cannon, Peter Cole, Bob Sheppard, Pat Curran, Ricky Grigg, Bill Coleman.

Invasion From Planet C, Stoked
"Planet C has run out of waves! Two heros are sent to Earth. Their mission: to mine the oceans and return with STOKE! Will they succeed? Or will they succomb to Earth's guilty pleasures? They're coming to take your waves! They're coming to take your women! INVASION! From Planet C. The Sci-Fi Surf Movie." (SurfVideoNetwork)

Plus Powell's early skate classics, re-released on DVD:
Bones Brigade
Future Primative
Animal Chin
Public Domain
Ban This

Litmus (Kidman, Frank, Sutherland)
Glass Love (Kidman)
The Seedling (Campbell)
Sprout (Campbell)
Runman VHS (Runmen. LA rules!)
Innermost Limits of Pure Fun VHS (Greenough. Epic rights, every regular footer should own)

More copies of Trefz's 'Thread' are on the way...


Toddy said...

Widely unavailable, but a wonderful surf film: The Wozniak/Wegener/Burke classic "Ten Toes Over." A true surf film following a couple of regular guys searching for surf in California. Super campy in that throwback sort of way. I have a copy, you guys ought to screen it sometime.

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Nuno said...

"Just give me sunshine through the Autumn
sweet snow to the Spring
Corn by the water of an old mill stream
and you give me all
you give me all..."

Nuno said...

Simple Ben, by john j francis.

I just cant stop singing this song all day long during 2 weeks in a row every time I see "The morning os the Earth".