Thursday, July 26, 2007

The City Wears A Slouch Hat

Around the block artist James Victore stopped by to show us his latest Mike Becker/Natures Shapes collabs featuring black line drawings of sexy ladies and skulls. Always badass with a howdy tossed in for charm, Becks shapes and lams the boards while Victore does the dirty.

So yesterday arvo this tall lanky dude walks in with a hat pulled tightly over his eyes and heads straight toward the boards and begins taking rail measurements with his hands, cupping them around and fingering the edges. The guy looks mad familiar. Shit yo, it's Terry Simms. You know, the guy from that TSJ cover (volume 6 #3), doing one of the best full extended bottom turns captured on celluloid via legendary NorCal fotog Bob Barbour. Terry looks up from fondling yet another board and nods, 'Man, it feels like 1974 in here. My favorite time period in surfing'



Bubba said...

Nice. That cover shot is all-time.

Toddy said...

It is. That guy was all over the place for a while there. Especially in that Longboard mag. I picked that one up off the newstand at Barnes and Nobles the other day and it was just so full of goofy tiki brown graphic design and blown out pages. TSJ has some sort of monopoly on classy surf mag. I don't ever check out the Australian ones though.

Toddy said...

Funny he was in your shop.