Monday, June 30, 2008

Son of HA

Nobody shreds more than Chicken, not even his dad's secretary. Amidst all the stone kold he managed to carve this one out for his mate Chef Goldy. Looks like a moon-tail quad, height and dimensions variable. Stand tand tall HA, pet the kat and shred like a man.

Kids' wetsuits and rashguards from XCEL are in. Keep it HB in the shorey at any age!

Speaking of HB, HA was getting internationally sweated early arvo styles. Some of you may have been surfing.

Gribble cam terminable and interminable

Saturday, June 28, 2008

bottom turn top turn bottom turn

A 27 minute "DVD montage" by Eduardo Madera and Andrew Kidman that comes with the new x-treme release of Litmus, featuring rad animation by Mark Sutherland, Mullet canned-beverage antics, Derek Hynd discussing 'economy of movement,' Wayne Lynch and things retro for better not worse, rare Dave Parmenter footy in the shaping room & surfing a 9' Bob Simmons dual fin and of course Neal Purchase Junior shredding like a man. Soundtrack by the Brown Birds from Windy Hill. ESSENTIAL!

Friday, June 27, 2008

HA wears Birdies

Crucial order in today of some of the craziest design-color schemes yet. They've taken it to the next level, Prince would be proud...wait til the ya see 35 white-checkers. Sun in ya face son
Yamamoto-kine rubber NinePlus long-sleeve tops too, kinda perfect for now or Nat Young surfing winter Bells. The Tom Carroll NP vests will be in next week sometimes so Blackpool you can relax and have another double-shot. Props to Alex for hooking those up with the quickness

All types of racks, straps and roof-bar padding by DA KINE to take your friends or get a ride to the beach with.
New Liddle flex fins and ones from Fibre by Takayamas Guy and Don and this really rad white flexy one that gets dirty everytime you touch it

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alternatives to Hindsight

Pix courtesy of Ryan Field. Surfing courtesy of Richard Kenvin alias Professor Earl Gloomenthal. Board is a 9'0" solid balsa planing hull replica of John Elwell's custom Simmons' circa 1950 and re-created by Papalolo Joe Bauguess. Weight = 30 pounds. C'mon Kelly, it's OK to admit you're jealous of those bottom turns!

p.s. Mr. Samuels is a HERB

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letters Per Loin

MOLLUSK boardsox are finally here and look better than ever! Made from super-durable colorful canvas and hand-sewn by San Franciscan women. Everything from 5'6" - 9'10"

WAVE TRIBE eco leashes and day-bags are back in stock. Made from recycled materials so you can keep it green like Jah Bless! Speaking of JB, when ya back from Brazil son?

MORE Vintage PERSOLS courtesy of Bubbie's German connection. These are early 80's dead-stock so you can sport shades nobody else has! Unique like a hand-shape...

Curious letter from Ms. P. Cat...

Badass show of now vilified plastic bags by our friend Jason Rosenberg, the 'adoptive recycler' to be held at Kiosk. Ah, ya can't always keep it green. June 27th - July 1st, Closing party 7/1.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pheromone River

Back from the vacation on Jamaica Pond and object relatin' Gribble Cam nutterdom. Not sure who took this one, perhaps Vongole. Mr. Eel spreading his beard for Bubbie Babushka

Eldos trippin' on longhair flash

Johnny Chipper and CC Slider out the d'oh. HB or nuthin' HA

Cornelius Blackpool with wife-beater, shaved head, shaved chest and Ditch Plains DANO Halloween RF Paddle-Battler

a curious kustomer came in with this one


Spoke to Sally this morning, an assortment of Hanel quad speed eggs, 5-fin and quad fish are being shipped from Moonlight this week.

Mr. Reuben of Swift-fame called to notify about a box of 3 being shipped later this week. Talkin 'bout 6'5" and 6'9" Bob Mitzven (u know those rails) shaped long fish and a 6'0" Daniel Thompson flying fish you wish you could shred.

Mollusk boardsox this week too...promise!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Girls Are Coming

Charles Gocher (1952-2007) lost a battle with cancer at the age of 54. To celebrate his life/death the remaining Sun City Girls, Alan and Richard Bishop have been touring North America in memorium and literally spreading CG's ashes. They'll be in NYC at the Knitting Factory Sunday. Thursday nite's Boston show featured a 40 minute film-sampler of select Gocher works and two EPIC acoustic sets by the Brothers Unconnected, plus vaudeville, comic relief, religion, the Celtics and the Kennedy's. And to think no ETOH on tap...Get blown out!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Professor Vapor

Todd DiCiurcio aka TDC aka Shark Morsel is taking it to the streets of hi, lo, shaved vanilla and no brow with an opening next Tuesday at Santos' Party House entitled, Synthesis. Whether missing vagues in Cannes, shopping for rings with Jason Lewis or excavating with Professor Hacker Todd holds it down inna true TM-HB spirit. Homeboy is everywhere this week...

Surfing article

and Vanity Fair (again)

Is that a DD-tee under your scarf?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Releve Opens Friday

Curated by Jessica Murray

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to announce Relevé, an exhibition exploring the metaphor of lifting or re-lifting, of being brought out of the ordinary moment to the extraordinary, of moving from an impossible darkness into the light. Curated by Jessica Murray the exhibition will feature works by Fritz Chesnut, Brady Dollarhide, Chris Doyle, Daniel Joglar, Todd Knopke, and Jennifer & Kevin McCoy. Relevé will open Friday June 20 with a reception from 6-8 PM and run through August 15. Gallery hours are: Monday - Friday, 11-6 PM. Andrew Edlin Gallery, 529 W. 20th Street--6th Floor.
Hard Body Pigmenters Fritz Chesnut (second image from left) and Shady-Brady Hollahide (last image from left) have work in this show being held at Abuelita BVD's POB. Come Correct!

F in French For Father Chipper

Bill Barker (no relation to Peter Parker) was outraged by all the anon Cannes remarks and sent these pix of les pays basque in retaliation...

Dain Thomas of the Sea Cell sent this shot of his dad's shed. The color of those boards says it all and brown channel bottoms do go faster.

Monday, June 16, 2008


KLM New England hausitten sans Gribble Cam and subsequent seperation anxiety. Checkin' an inbox, TDC sent these from a recent trip to Cannes, where reportedly there weren't any surfboards within 50 miles. Nobody out either, where was Didier Pitier?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Your Girl in the Rain

Star Strewn and Tattered featuring San Diego expat and scary-good painter Peter Halasz on vocals play 2nite at the Annex. Go see them!

a message from P-bag: "9:45 at the annex, 152 orchard....
harpies and banshees abound, ye incorrigible scum.............................!"

and if you're looking for some action Monday nite, local boy by way of foreign lands Miguel (Mike) Mabes has some fotos on display at Bembe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buns of Fun

(pix courtesy of the Friendly Frenchies: Yoan, Clement, Adrien and Marie. See ya at the Rock Food!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DA KINE travel bags back in stock! Everything from 5'10" fishies to 10" noseriders. MOLLUSK hand-sewn boardsocks were shipped Friday and will be in haus next week along with a wicked run of ANDO boardies and BIRDWELLS. Summer of love styles...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bemused Fatigue

Things cooled off a bit today, it's only 86. Summer Rain came across this during a recent reverse-rodeo round-up sesh...

Been talkin'bout holding some clinics this summer, the proper way to apply sunscreen, sport a camo-leash or how 'abstract expressionists need to feel bad about themselves.' Bubbie dropped an impromptu waxjob clinic this afternoon with his new CC glider as guinea which he later rode with a red fin and red matching Molluskine proto-trunx somewhere on the south shore of Long Island? Hay Spacone!

UK Mikey R's J.Hall LFS pre-box, air and customs. Mikey's quiver is becoming one of the finest in all of Europe. Keepin' it HB in the Old World.

Just off the Swift truck, BOOYAHA!

5'1" Casper shaped by Mr. Joe Bauguess as part of the Hydrodynamica test-pilot series.

5'5" Magic Carpet by Larry Mabile for Swift. A collab between RK Gloomenthal and Mr. Mabile and quite possibly more foiled than Dub's 5'5" Lis. For serious shredders!

6'0" Andrew Kidman diamond tail from Swift, designed by AK and shaped by Larry Mabile. Shortboardie rocker, rail and foil just in case you cared about shredding.

Speaking of AK, Mr. Kidman hand-shaped these two lovely fish for a couple of friends in Japan. Paging Dr. Diknamwer...