Friday, June 6, 2008

Southern Hemi Surf Party 2Nite!

70 and cloudy this evening, extra dark ceilings for outdoor activities. Stop by at magic hour for some streetside stoke, liquid discourse and oil-based surfy projections. Metal Momz might just have to be screened at midnight....Believe it Kenny G!

feel free to bring things to share, eat sip etc.....aloha on the streets, kindness of strange-jah styles

see ya 'round 8

California art stars shine tonight!
pickles, ando and canham


Deepism said...

Have fun! Sick kid and hopes for another small wave DP sesh!!!

Clams said...

Whats been going on with the extensive Kenny G references lately? Kenny G aint HB. I guess if you want to say something isn't so hard body you can refer to it as Kenny G.

-Yo that shizz is hard way man thats Kenny G.

-Stop being a Kenny G

-This avocado is definitely ripe. Its madd Kenny G!

Franco S. Boroughs said...

dude dont front kenny G rides only thrusters, 2 and 1/8th at the thickest. dont front things could be so kenny g they hardbody. just like night gets so late it becomes morning.

Deepism said...

Friddank, how did the Mabile go?

Franco S. Boroughs said...

deeps -- been on it 3 times. tues eve was probly the best gauge as there was the most wave.. but not much to be honest. regardless the board went mental. like a whole new world for me. i am so stoked to have it!!