Friday, June 27, 2008

HA wears Birdies

Crucial order in today of some of the craziest design-color schemes yet. They've taken it to the next level, Prince would be proud...wait til the ya see 35 white-checkers. Sun in ya face son
Yamamoto-kine rubber NinePlus long-sleeve tops too, kinda perfect for now or Nat Young surfing winter Bells. The Tom Carroll NP vests will be in next week sometimes so Blackpool you can relax and have another double-shot. Props to Alex for hooking those up with the quickness

All types of racks, straps and roof-bar padding by DA KINE to take your friends or get a ride to the beach with.
New Liddle flex fins and ones from Fibre by Takayamas Guy and Don and this really rad white flexy one that gets dirty everytime you touch it


Toddy said...

I have a nice old royal blue pair, now closer to sky blue, that are two sizes large for me.
I have been shedding the pounds.
Anyhow, these are more than a few years old but still work great.
MY rojo ones fit a bit more snug and do the trick.

Anyhow, I'll use this as my personal ebay.

Bidding starts now.

toddy said...

Any movies tonight?
I am pretty bored and the lady has friends coming over...