Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Piet's Sake

Happy Birthday Bubbie!

35yo adult-child and 'Hell Man' Bubbie Gentile turns 35 today! Bring out the Best and have a seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek one in the shorey!

Some board news for ya, that first batch of Finelines ships tomorrow. This is what's coming:
-Richard P., Adam T. and Bill J's kustoms!
-5'10" GeeBee
-6'8" eggy single
-7'6" eggy single
-8' Micro-Ant (user-friendly hull....ask Adam T!)

Super fun waves this morning for those who reached. Should be more surfy love this weekend...Get after it!

6:15 Update:
-More warm water wax for tropo-travelers
-Neoprene cement and Aquaseal for wetsuit repair and wettie shampoo for smell. Combat boot stank!
-Belly Jelly for your "athletic" rash needs...
-Stormrider Guide to Europe : The Continent and Atlantic Islands (wicked 2 book set)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rhetoric Man

One from yesterday as seen by Dalton Portella somewhere east of Moriches...

Checkout these new cotton/polyester lined zip-up Pelican hoodies! We have 'em in blue,black and brown, Dave Muller did the drawing...

East Village apartment shaper David K. Browning came by yesterday to pick up this Bunker Spreckels-inspired beef-stick that Brian Wynn glassed...

Cornelius Blackpool sent this pic of his son Cornelius Blackpool Junior donning a Mollusk tee and mustache. Rad kids unite!

...looking at some small sliders in the AM with offshore winds...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

Richard Kenvin sent this funny little drawing...

There's rad footy of him as a kid in Steve Soderberg's "Ocean Fever" shredding a 5'10" Caster tri-swallow w/80's pink & orange insane. He, Bud Llamas and others take a trip to a some big-wave mysto island and score peeling rights... not unlike the vid-still below of soul-retro scandal revivalist Dan Diknamwer...

Danny Hess rang earlier, the boards are in transit! This is what's coming:
-5'6" Pacheco quad
-5'10" Pacheco quad
-5'11" Lola quad

....should be here Friday?

XCEL booties and glove re-stocks just came....should be more swell into the weekend

210 Kent Ave
BK, NY 11211

listen to white magic

Monday, January 28, 2008

Spirit of Azure Vista

Crucial clean and green session at Puff Cats this morning! Hope ya'll got some surfy love, very few people out due to the cold. Got in the car and was greeted by Van Halen's 'Jump' followed by 'Wish You Were Here' but for some reason had the Kit-Kat theme music in my head most of the session...weird. Hadda bounce toward Babylon at 10 to open the Fun Zone while Dubstar and Bubbie repped the 7'6" Long Quad fish that Mr. Josh Hall so graciously shaped us and had a BLAST! Talk of tube, trim and roundhouse cutties....seeeeeeeek! Thank you Josh! Some cool pix of him and Skippy inspecting boards in the Spirit of Azure Vista...

New Mollusk boardsocks arrived so we're reppin the full run! All the fishy sizes are back in stock. More XCEL rubber arriving this week. It comes in as quickly as it goes! Must be the recent frequency of fun-kine sliders......Tally Ho!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Other Ways to Blaze

Marc Andreini sent these pix of a vintage 5'6" x 22" x 3.25" keel fin fish that he shaped way back when. Even "Cowboys of the Waves" eat fish from time to time...

Thanks Marc!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Zoned for Fun

"I usually don't mess with kickers" said 16yo Gabriel after asking if he could try-out the ramps. Can you belive he's only been skating for two years? All rad tricks landed!

The two guys in the background were moving
boxes from the truck into the mini-van
but took a sketch-break to watch
homeboy light it up

ollie-in that shizzzyo...


Crucial Chaos

Satellite series in the hour of Dressing Room chaos! Respect to everyone who reached last nite in the freezing cold, was a great night for snuggling. Strictly long-players early on due to only one working turntable, followed by flying needles and Dubstar dodging electric shock while dressed as the 6th Beatle (Geppy's the 5th). Deebow behind the bar engaged in pretty lady conversation, ignoring drink requests and verbally abusing the DJ's while plying them with drinks....Wicked ago feelin it today!

KLM Brothers in Darkness/Sons of Light...

Shady taking his dance moves to the street...

Next movie nite is February 6th at ROPE Bar, 415 Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene Brooklyn.

A Hull-oriented Fineline order should be here in a few weeks. Stone cold fascist ones like the Micro-Dirt to more user-friendly ones like the Micro-Ant. Speaking of user-friendly hulls, Mr. Andreini is currently mowing our next batch which should be at the Haut shop sometime late next week for lamination. He's making a run of Vaqueros starting at 6'0" and ending at 8'10"...a little something-something for everyone.

m o l l u s k
2 1 0 k e n t a v e
b k, n y 1 1 2 1 1
7 1 8 2 1 8 7 4 5 6

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Wicked new BARS (one hi, one lo) courtesy of
Jah Bless and Shady Holla...slap it!

Domino Dancing

Deeing up and taking off tonight at the Dressing Room for the Mollusk Surfy Satellite Series. Come thru for some inner warmth in the inner most limits of pure stoke with Crystal Voyager and Tubular Swells, 9pm...75A Orchard between Broome and Grand St.

Around-the-block Vaquero slider David (Dahveeeed) came by this arvo to fondle the Bulkley's some more. We got talking about his childhood in PR, surfing macking waves with Peter King and the Pet Shop Boys video he did when he was 17 which has been making our Thursday...Check the Rusty tank top!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Down and Dirty

Tommy 'Snapwater' Colla sent these pix of the Dirty Jerz last Friday. Dub and Dutch hit it with the spirit of Azure Vista, a packet of Reese's peanut butter cups, 1 apple, 1 gallon of water and no gas!

Look, palm trees in January...

Dubstar w/6'7" Choice quad in sequence

KLM stinking it up w/6'0" Lis fish

Dutch about to get lip-blasted

Tomorrow nite at the Dressing Room, 75A Orchard St. 9pm:
Greenough's "Crystal Voyager" and Hoole/McCoy's "Tubular Swells" will be screened as part of the Mollusk Satellite Series we'll be doing at various bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Yes, we're bringing the party to a neighborhood near you!

Next up is the frenchy-french ROPE bar in Fort Greene, Weds. February 6th at 9pm. Surfy films, long-players and drink specials...stay chuned.

210 kent ave
bk, ny 11211
12-8pm daily

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yar Tuesday!

Checkout these arty Fish Fry prints that Kayrock and Wolfy did. The drawing is based off of Pieter Breugel the Elder's 1556, Big Fish Eat Little Fish. Edition of 40, each print was 'treated' to look old and weathered. Yar! ($40)

w/Chad Dubz, Jon Bless and Dubstar
In session at Bembe:
81 S. 6th St. (Corner of Berry)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
10pm, FREE!

Since it's too cold to screen films in the streets we're taking it indoors and into Manhattan. This Thursday the 24th the Molluskine Krew will be in full effect at,
The Dressing Room
75A Orchard Street (between Broome and Grand)
9pm, FREE!

George Greenough's "Crystal Voyager" along with "Tubular Swells" and "A Day in the Life of Wayne Lynch" will be shown in accordance with drinks from Deebow and some sort of dj-set from Scratchy Matchy, the Moody Blues, Luc Ferrari, Moondog and others...

7:07pm Update:
-We have an extra women's 8S XCEL 5/4 winter suit for any ladies looking. Call the shop for details (718) 218-7456

-Australian actor and former BK-er Heath Ledger has reportedly died of a drug overdose. He was only 28 years young...RIP

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mayonnaise Monday

Back to Biz on this cold-crisp MLK Day! Hope ya'll got some surfy action over the weekend. Friday was del fuego in the Dirty, a regular footers paradise if ever!

Some humor to start your week, Brady Dollarhide (real name!) brought in the newest model from GROM SKATES, the 'Mayonnaise Sandwich.' No doubt coined for Bubbies questionable relationship with senior men in hardware stores that sell knee-pads and club sammies.

Save the bones for Henry Jones!

Flashing echo, flashing ollie

Ollie one-foot revival!

Normal hours on MLK! RESPECT
DVD ReStocks:
-Morning of the Earth
-Surf into Summer
-Of Wind and Waves
-Surfing For Life
-Bali High
-Siestas and Olas
-Tubular Swells b/w A Day In The Life Of Wayne Lynch (ESSENTIAL VIEWING!)
-Runman 69 (VHS)

Thursday, January 17, 2008