Thursday, January 24, 2008

Domino Dancing

Deeing up and taking off tonight at the Dressing Room for the Mollusk Surfy Satellite Series. Come thru for some inner warmth in the inner most limits of pure stoke with Crystal Voyager and Tubular Swells, 9pm...75A Orchard between Broome and Grand St.

Around-the-block Vaquero slider David (Dahveeeed) came by this arvo to fondle the Bulkley's some more. We got talking about his childhood in PR, surfing macking waves with Peter King and the Pet Shop Boys video he did when he was 17 which has been making our Thursday...Check the Rusty tank top!


Toddy said...

Rad. I think I had that same tank top.

Toddy said...

Or more likely the pink "big shirt" that the DJ is wearing.

knackered said...

OG hobo style backside boardslides. yesyes.