Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cleave the Ether

ANKidman's ETHER hardbound by Consafos Press arrived New Years Eve along with a fine ten-inch slab of colored vinyl featuring Glass Love themed instrumental, "Gnarrrrobeen" with "Moonshiner" and "One More Hour of Grace" on the B-side son. Proper count and weight, we are sailing the storm of his latest endeavor. The photographs of the otherwise super-private Larry Gephart at work are worth the cost of admission. All ya gotta say is "Le Nicky Wood" and "suuuperrrr-flowwww-tah." Curren as Mont Mercury, Stanley and Skippy! Intvs with Simon Anderson, Derek Hynd, Mark Sutherland, Michael Mackie, Mark Richards, Stanley Pleskunas, Steve Pezman, Skip Frye, Neal Purchase Jr., Dain Thomas, Wayne Lynch, Brandon Balabus & MM, and Martyn Worthington. Forwards by Mark Sutherland and Richard Kenvin.

...later that arvo, a hot nug was found...

"I am ready, I feel free
To cleave the ether on a novel flight,
To novel spheres of pure activity."
-Goethe, Faust, Part 1

oh yeah...copies in the mail or on the truck, soon to be at the shop...stay chunedexes, extra copies of vinyl too...


Toddy said...

Killing me a little.
I need to buy a new rubber and that book is taunting my post-holidays lack of currency.

Can I get it on layaway?

Happy New Year to you guys down there on that weird little street.

Cornielus Blackpool said...

hot nug huh? i know where to find many hot nugs matey