Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Bubbie!

35yo adult-child and 'Hell Man' Bubbie Gentile turns 35 today! Bring out the Best and have a seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek one in the shorey!

Some board news for ya, that first batch of Finelines ships tomorrow. This is what's coming:
-Richard P., Adam T. and Bill J's kustoms!
-5'10" GeeBee
-6'8" eggy single
-7'6" eggy single
-8' Micro-Ant (user-friendly hull....ask Adam T!)

Super fun waves this morning for those who reached. Should be more surfy love this weekend...Get after it!

6:15 Update:
-More warm water wax for tropo-travelers
-Neoprene cement and Aquaseal for wetsuit repair and wettie shampoo for smell. Combat boot stank!
-Belly Jelly for your "athletic" rash needs...
-Stormrider Guide to Europe : The Continent and Atlantic Islands (wicked 2 book set)


nathaniel russell said...

over here it's called "Best Foods" mayo... regional!

Sebastien said...

no way that guy is only 35...rookie.

wailakihawk said...

psshhhtt... boom!! yer beat.

happy birthday genitles,

xoxo devon and derek.