Monday, June 28, 2010

East River Sisyphus

Simmons inspired things joj today, full color original content pix tomorrow...

4'11 White Pony won't drag ya down!

Fabricated foto of a fake fisherman shot on location in Astoria, LIC or was that Ravenshood? The pool is really black!

24K Trent fresh from that hospital in the Bronx Frank White funded...

Ex-Models/Knyfe Hytes Zac turned on in knee sox!

Andrew of The MGMT and 6'4 Rainbow, ain't no half steppin' def ain't no movin to Paris now!

Local HA and Illmatic with new/used Rainbow bridge action

La belle indifference

FM Bible (seller) circa NOW but referencing the early 90's and the Elmhurst tanks...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Know What They Say On River Street

Joey Cups finally finished the music-vid for Animal Collective's 'Guys Eyes' AND without the help of an 'assistant!' Can you imagine having to apply Belly Jelly with only two hands just to prevent wetsuit rash!?!? Respect to the River Street, Kess and Fatty-Shreddah (Trace, Chad, Charles Hills and KLM)representation. Please keep in mind the camera adds 15 pounds! (Didn't McCoy say Occy surfed his 'best' at his fattest?)

The Auteur throws the tail w/a smile and a Tall Boy in faux RS sequence...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Miss Winter

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, including you--Huey! How's Holiday? Our sometimes absent father who's never gone for too long, especially when there's a log in ya quiver...

Our girl Maiko's gone mental tweaking her purse-thang, check the NEW handplane covers! Great for protecting your Hess Moontail or contraband...

HO! Kustom Pendo purse for Cher Pendarvis, Aloha Pendos!

The Eel's less-hirsute half Alexa of DWR dropped off some Fresher Drops and Itch Witch 'bite & sting' remedy which comes in handy on the streets or in the fields...

Robert Coolasect on an afternoon trip, freshening up after a La Nonna lunch

Bite & Sting

The Witch inna BK yard action

Bubbie's in this show under a pseudonym

Can you believe people still wanna TEST Queensbridge?

Joker Smoker

FloriDale reppin school boy steez in prep for a visit to the UK

Clams back-drop

Queens Legend, Rest In Peace. Foto courtesy of another QL, FM Buratta

Broadway Bridge action courtesy of H-Dawg

Cups got tired of saggins riffin his riffage so he sent us something new for people ta cribbbbbbooyah!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Take Me The Wrong Way

Ai Cuz wishing ya'll a Happy and HB Father's Day weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Lenape Laugh

New super soft/comfy DRUG/MONEY tanks and tees from Out East/Down South planing/displacement hull-shredder Tin Ojeda. Yo yo yo, Bresnan and McGee might want a bag!?!?

Johnny Ha keeps it real in Suffake on a 5'10 Pendo quad shredder, foto by Tyeah...

CT Brent and 6'9 GG kustom long keel

Former 'best board in the shop' 6'4 Mabile 80's thruster. Starting off on the right foot!

Shigeru sent this one from the Western Front where he encountered 'The Grabber' John Peck...

Long time soon come from Swift! Things Simmons to ship Friday, in haus next week...

*Website has been updated with our current board inventory! Nice selection of logs at the moment to help combat the summer funk which seems to have set in already with 4 second intervals. Or there's always Mozilla!

Friday, June 11, 2010

HB DAY KESS 1: 6/11/1961

Mr. Hess left a couple things in New York for public consumption, 'Machado's The Present board' is already gone, sold to a most militant individual...

5'11 x 19.5 x 2.5 'Singer' w/glass ons

6'0x 19.825 x 2.5 HESS 'Balboa' offering more options than not paddling out

Mini Zombie Mike an otherwise teacher gettin' ready for SUMMER!

With the recent cloudy weather Jose has been making it down to River Street without selling out of his chicken, beef, or 'american' cheese comido corrido

Three for $5, to be eaten two at a time

Yo Papi, don't forget the hot sauce!

Eldos of 'Eldos Audio (FUCK SOUND)' fame sent this one of a homemade pizza pie as shaped on Sugar Hill with the capicola/gabba ghool, salt and pepper tricks LIVE on 155th, Chelsea and Fort Greene. Beware broken bottles and eye-glasses!