Monday, June 28, 2010

East River Sisyphus

Simmons inspired things joj today, full color original content pix tomorrow...

4'11 White Pony won't drag ya down!

Fabricated foto of a fake fisherman shot on location in Astoria, LIC or was that Ravenshood? The pool is really black!

24K Trent fresh from that hospital in the Bronx Frank White funded...

Ex-Models/Knyfe Hytes Zac turned on in knee sox!

Andrew of The MGMT and 6'4 Rainbow, ain't no half steppin' def ain't no movin to Paris now!

Local HA and Illmatic with new/used Rainbow bridge action

La belle indifference

FM Bible (seller) circa NOW but referencing the early 90's and the Elmhurst tanks...

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