Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swift Nu

HO SIMMONS! w/glass on Geppy's...

5'6 x 20.25 x 2.18 SLIMster and 5'11 x 22.25 x 2.5 SIMster QUAD

5'4 x 21.5 x 2.37 SIMster and 5'6 x 21.87 x 2.37 SIMster

Awesome Allison is back in town building 'funboxes' after the unfortunate demise of Awesome Color. We're bummed but homegirl's already got mad shit going on. Check her with Red Dawn II featuring Wolfy on throat/guitar Thursday at Monster Island Basement and Friday at Death By Audio or shredding River Street...

Raw like the early 90's!


'in sickness and in HB....'

Cups and Frankie Filenz con Los Amigos...

More dialer action

Hot Generation on a hot day

6'8 gangsta Rainbow

Reef booties from XCEL in stock, great for Ditch or exploring shipwreck sandbars

*The Shop will be closed Sunday July 4th, get ya BBQ on!


Mr. Lentini said...

I spy with my little eye a avail tattoo--kudos

booties at ditch--holy gayness wheres the webz?

AshHole said...

Lentini! I was just about to comment on the Dixie tattoo myself! What a great band.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

'attempt to regress'