Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sauce Was Gonna Burn

The River Street Lifeguarding Association would like to give a special thanks to Huey for holding it down in this heat. Hope ya'll been getting some! And while it may not be ours, we'll pick it up anyway...

Turn off ya AC and join us next Thursday July 29th at 8pm for a tank-screening of Paul Witzig's transition era psych classic 'Sea of Joy' along with a few short films by Joseph 'Cups' Gallagher and Sam Salganik. Streetside BBQ and cupped-adult beverage service as always...Lurkers yo!?!?

Handsome Camaro caught funboarding in NJ....JET1A foto*

Hear ye, hear ye....USED LOGS! Rare and unusual...

8'8 CC Rider built on the EC for the EC ($OLD!)

9'2 Robert August pretty much new, TYEAH is asking $775 but will take less if you bring him an icey or ice cream cone

NYPeeD can't see me

The driver stopped the truck when he saw the Gribble cam

Stevie White simultaneously more stylish and fashionable than you!

S ONE Double-U w/German tourists and 8'1 Tom Parrish single fin as replicated in the vein of Jeff Hakman

Paul working on his PHD

Never saw him

Lifeguard cam

This gentleman wanted to borrow a board for a month but failed to offer up his Tee as collateral

As seen on Uncle Ha

The &%@# is not for everyone

Pennsylvania Deutsche dinner of chicken rivel soup and dandelion salad w/warm bacon dressing prepared by Big Jim. Don't call him Dutch!?!?

Lil vid shot during Mollusk BK's East River Fish Taco Cook-Off from May 15th. You may have seen Dr. Claw chunin heads in a recent New York Mag cover story...apparently Al Pacino did!???


AC said...

"It's not a funboard, it's a longfish."

"A long fish?"

"Yeah, it has a swallow tail."

That's the coop, ridden like a funboard :)

ShipwormAndGribble said...

i would hope all surfboards are funboards!

AC said...

you ain't having fun if you're not on a fun board