Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hotter Than July

Hope everyone had a chill 4th, some fun loggin waves here and there for the River Street lifeguards. Couple of U$ED boards came thru, 5'9 Mandala two-plus-one shredder, $400 negotiable. Moonlight Glass!

5'10 Mandala quad, Moonlight Glass, ($OLD!)

5'10 Josh Hall w/glass on Daniel Partch quads..$450

6'8 Power Source shaped by Mark McGuire of Ireland, $300

Barely U$ED/'wife made me sell' 9'4 Anderson diamond tail...($OLD!)

9'6 Junod Nowski so you can feel at home in Greenpoint...(SOLD!)

RK-built, King of Trux

'Little Hunt' for Manchild

Uptown naif

ax (2) + bx + c = 0 or 'quads don't work'

In freshman year bible-seller mode during the dark ages of the Quad. A time when Wave Tools and paper bags still held secrets..

'Nobody surfs forever'

Usually white w/green

'I wouldn't be caught dead in a Zoo York t-shirt'

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Tyler said...

Mark Macguire surfs like Shaun Tompson!