Friday, February 29, 2008

Too young to be a Hippy, too old to be a Punk

A long hair trippin' nod to legendary LA-artist and Destroy All Monsters-man Mike Kelley, who was celebrity-spotted enjoying a late arvo lunch at Villa Sombrero in East LA just the other day. Learn more about MK here:

Local academic-rocker Ken C. is selling his slightly used Cooperfish V-pin, check the pic from Gene's site below. Contact the shop for details.

How's this Ivory Serra foto of Andy Kessler with long hair? EPIC like Lee Ranaldo but of course better-looking!?! The Serra Bros show 'Halfway between the gutter and the stars' is on view at Secret Project Robot until March 15th. Weekend hours: 2-5pm

Thanks to whomever for leaving this pink panther bike for us the other nite. We're having a ghost-riding contest this weekend if anyone's down.

Schultzie taking his style-shred skills to the streets

One of my most memorable sessions in the West was with Rad 'Chad' Marshall the "Jimi Hendrix of Longboarding" (per Mr. Litz) one overcast nite in Venice. Rainy, cloudy and cold just like New York! Homeboy was taking off fin first and hanging heels which is something you really don't see back East. His joy was apparent and contagious. Respect! Check him on a Wegener Alaya, heard he's doing 360 floaters on it now. Take that shredder! Onetime Frankie Sacramento...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

If a bar of wax gets sold in the park...

...redirect affect.

5'9" GeeBee by Mr. Brian Hilbers of Fineline. An 'under your feet' hull to be shredded off the tail in 2-plus-1 fashion...($OLD to Jason F!)

Calling all enthusiasts, Greg Liddle in the haus! Check this rare 6'3" hull-shredder with resin wrap!?! Believe it Kenny G! We only have one, like Rick Kane and sugar cane...($OLD to Michael R.!)

6'3" is becoming a magic number around these parts, here's a Fineline MP for all your total involvement surfing needs. Creep up over the belly for hull-hum sweetness or step back and burn a cutty like only MP could...

During a visit to the Swift HQ in downtown San Diego we somehow convinced Richard Kenvin to come back to NY with us. Here he is in front of the shop sporting a Fish Fry tee (he and Bird Huffman started the damn thing!) with a 5'1" Simmons-inspired displacement hull shaped by Joe Bauguess. Part of the Hydrodynamica test pilot series, not for sale but RK's flirting with the idea of leaving it as a demo.

With RK in town a shred sesh was in order. Who wouldn't want to surf with the guy who beat Occy, Curren and Rabbit at OB Pier in '83? We piled a bunch of boards into a cab and headed south to Clams' Grandma's place in Bensonhurst--home of the fresh muhtz! Here's Dutchie reflecting in the backseat...

Clams and a bespeckled RK, real and reflected...

Clams waxing up one of his own shapes, a Grey Ghost kine 5'5" keel...

Richard prepping the 5'1" for an epic and embarrassing drop-in session. Hey kids remember to look before you burn a legend!

Post-surf chicken roll at Elegante's with Gabba Goul Mickey. Don't forget the sauce!

*New books in the shop:
-'On A Wave' by Thad Ziolkowski
-'The Serra Effect' by Ivory Serra whose 'Halfway between the gutter and the stars' show is on view at Secret Project Robot.
-Surfers Guide to Costa Rica, Baja and Mainland Mexico (re-stocks)
- H20 Surf Travel Guide to Costa Rica
-Dora Lives (essential reading!)

*Plus lots of XCEL rubber, we still have boots, gloves and a limited run of 5/4 winter suits for both men and women.

4:55 Update:
Malcolm Campbell just e'd, "Jim White is playing tonight at Union Hall. You might want to venture out and hear him. He has an A+ Bonzer rating." Bonza!

Photographs by Danielle Rubi

California artist and Friend of Mollusk Danielle Rubi is having a show opening this Sat. Mach 1st at Pocket Utopia. There will also be a few nuggets from Nat Russell and Kyle Field (of Little Wings)...mmmmm Califorina....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Windward and Pacific

Back from the West with Bubbie, respect to Dubstar and Clams for holding it down East. Jeff Litz of East Los Angeles noted this tiddy. Check the Venice shop in the V trippiness...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

tonight's the night or tomorrow never knows

some solid surf this morning, followed by art and music...
halfway between the gutter and the stars


new york roots on multiple levels....


Skate your life away

Shaped by NYC OG and Legend Andy Kessler complete with Indi 169's, Swiss Reds and 60mm Spitfire Classics

Rad Skate Deck complete with Black Egg wheels, Swiss Red bearings and Ace trucks

Mollusk Exclusive: The "Lil Grom" from the Grom skateboard series By: Shady Hollahide

Shred City Deck by Comet Skateboards known for their advances in Eco-Friendly skateboards. All the boards are made with bio friendly resins, bamboo, maple, hemp and soy inks.
Art by Nat Russel

Mollusk Exclusive: Shaped by NYC skate legend Andy Kessler

Mollusk Exclusive: Limited edition 36" long street shredda by: Comet Skatboards
Artwork by: Nat Russel
Rad Skateboard complete with Ace Trucks, Swiss Red bearings and Drifter Wheels

For more info call or visit:

corner of metropolitan & river
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day

we are open...

call if arriving late...


hard to find xcel boots in stock:
7mm - size 6, 9, 11, 12
hard to find xcel gloves in stock:
7mm - size s, xl
5mm - size l

restocks soon...

women's 5/4/3 winter suits in stock:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brooklyn Dodgers

Courtesy, professionalism and respect are what you'll find at Mollusk. Here's Joey Clams getting fuzzed for a rap sheet longer than his grandmother's linguini...

Grom Hollahide took a break from staining to assemble the new west bank...
KLM down tempo Madrid...
Allison Busch drums for Awesome Color and shreds!
A sophisticated yet Shady kickturn in scarf and gloves...
Hippie ollie w/long hair...

This 12-yo kat came via the police van that pretended to arrest Clams earlier in this post. He's involved in an after school arts program with Kayrock and Wolfy's Screenprinting biz and was allowed to paint on the building just as long as he didn't tag or cite a crew. (He saved that for our launch ramps) Here he is keeping it creative...

*We have a few copies left of the Farm's CD soundtrack for George Greenough's 'Innermost Limits of Pure Fun' which has been getting lots of airtime in the shop!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cosa Mentale in the Shorey

Clams came to work today with a fresh pie from L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend, a family owned and run operation since 1939. Their square slice is considered the best in New York.

Doesn't this look like Jake B. riding his recently procured 7'4" Junod single?

NYC-Surfriding dood Doug Parent and his new-used 9'5" CC Slider

Blurry black cats hexing skateboards with light magic
Mr. Andy Kessler dropped off a new shop-demo yesterday after power-sliding the salt off River Street. Homeboy was concrete-shredding before most of us were born!

New in the Shop:
-A full run of Birdies arrived in the craziest colors for tropical travel or just lampin' on the couch. A fresh batch of Birdies totes too!
-New Mollusk tees in missing sizes along with Nat Russell's 'Bare Butt Rippin, Long Hair Trippin' and Dave Muller's 'Salmon!'