Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cosa Mentale in the Shorey

Clams came to work today with a fresh pie from L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend, a family owned and run operation since 1939. Their square slice is considered the best in New York.

Doesn't this look like Jake B. riding his recently procured 7'4" Junod single?

NYC-Surfriding dood Doug Parent and his new-used 9'5" CC Slider

Blurry black cats hexing skateboards with light magic
Mr. Andy Kessler dropped off a new shop-demo yesterday after power-sliding the salt off River Street. Homeboy was concrete-shredding before most of us were born!

New in the Shop:
-A full run of Birdies arrived in the craziest colors for tropical travel or just lampin' on the couch. A fresh batch of Birdies totes too!
-New Mollusk tees in missing sizes along with Nat Russell's 'Bare Butt Rippin, Long Hair Trippin' and Dave Muller's 'Salmon!'


fdavid said...

wOW! Mike that pizza looks amazing, where's this place>?_D

Nuno said...

That looks yummy, google is our friend :D

spumoni gardens

IllyBlunt said...

meet you there on Saturday. If you think their sicilian is good, try their sausage and peppers.

It is physically impossible not to stop when driving past L&B