Thursday, February 7, 2008

Local Stokel

Wicked ROPE throwing sesh last nite with the Mollusk Surfy Love Sound System. Thanks ya'll for coming out for pints and puke! Great to see Filthy Habits and PUMP on a bigger screen, even non-surfers couldn't resist hooting Skeletor at Velzyland, Munga at Sunset or Pottz riding the infamous 'bulls-eye' board which had the crowd going mental! Respect to Franco Boros for the liftage, HF, Frank Moe, and Dubstar for selectin the late nite set.

Mark Retro-celli came by the other nite with this red bullet...

5'10" Faktion quad

Joseph Falcone of Neponsit who shapes as Grey Ghost recently had these glassed by Brian Wynn of New Jersey.

5'10" flextail quad

5'9" Clams eggy single


Fish.bro said...
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AC said...

I want to have sex with that white egg.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

the white egg is still avail. and comes with a tube of Belly Jelly!

Clams said...

Yo ac I have a great solution...go buy it and throw all the rope you want on it.