Monday, December 29, 2008

Damaja Keeps On Taking It

DVD copies of Musica Surfica just-off-the-jet from OZ today! Talkin' bout a deluxe double-disc set with soundtrack and killer packaging. Re-discover waveriding!

The food fotos keep on coming, check the lobster marinara courtesy of a Zip Christmas Eve on the border of Queens...

6'0 Third World Exotic twin keel as 'Honey Moon gift' on the way to Mexico then back home to Uruguay. San Diego rails represent!

Lee B. sent these via Digi-Gil from somewhere in Sri...

12/31, 12-6pm
1/1/09, CLOSED...Happy New Year!
1/2/09, in store shred-a-thon at 12-noon

Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the Island

Hope ya'll had a fine holiday and are feeling mighty sated, Huey was in clean and green fashion Christmas Day coming thru with the lefts and rights...

Crown rib/Crown of Thorns with sauseetch, pecan and ??? prepared by Lil'SISONES...Happy Birthday MER!

Adam Camaro sent these pix from an HB H.Beach Christmas. Couple of the Seven Fishes, they didn't have my size cement shoe the other day at Doctor Jay's so I bought anotha pair of Tims anways...
People with white hair def know whatsup. G-Ma Camaro regulatin'...

'Merry Christmas Scungilli Boy'

Don't cross the crucifix...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Tide

Cher and Steve 'Pendo' Pendarvis sent this warm Christmas wish from San Diego...

Back East with an MJR foto from the other morn...

Jah Bless found this some-where surfing is quite popular

Secret alleys revealed in the shade of condominiums...

*Big Ups to everyone's ongoing stoke and support! Have a safe and surfy Holiday Season*

Ohana in the Shorey...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Waking up in Bushwick

We overslept but it was still dark. Even Dubstar and Puffkat were asleep...

At one point it got so cold the ocean started steaming...right right right

and left...

To and from the boros with Funboarder Fynn, FM RNUCold? and Running Man AVE. Fynn was on serious funboard fire this morn, tucking into down the line lefts and banking roundos into the whitewater. Head ON Shred Proper!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Days of Radiance

It looks a lot like Christmas around here...

...and out there.
RK reppin HB inna higher altitude
December 24th 12-6pm
December 25th CLOSED for Christmas
December 26th CLOSED for Christmas
Store shredding will resume Saturday the 27th at noon...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surf Naive

More goodies arrived today and we're rolling reeeeaaaal deep in the merch! Everything you need for that special loved-one this Holiday season!

Couple kustom Andreini's for those not caught misbehaving which isn't to say they weren't naughty...

7'6 Vaquero for Glenn the Lorax

Kustom 9'10 Spoon for Hye Tyde Johnny

Kustom 9'8 Spoon for......Mr. Crime and Punishment?

Golden Triangle in the area

Check the super 8ness Joey Cups did for the new Drawlings (Abby Portner) Christmasy split 7 inch on Paw Tracks, available at fine places like Other Music and Young Man Kim's. Lovin those kitties...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just like the ones I used to know

Back from Colonial BMD where Beach House and the Ripkin Brothers play in field and was greeted by lotsa new goodies just in time for the Holidays! Toasty XCEL rubber, 5/4 drylocks, 7mm roundtoe boots and 5mm lobster claws. Rad reads like the new Kelly Slater book, ESPO's 'The Art of Getting Over,' Shaun Tomson's 'Bustin Down the Door,' Chidester and Priore's 'Pop Surf Culture,' the Matt Warshaw curated 'Zero Break: 1777-2004' and that essential Leroy Grannis foto book with Aikau, Nat and Rolf on the cover! Free and Easy was just released on DVD and copies are here! ESSENTIAL MAC-FREEMAN! Plus the usual surf library via deeveedee, ceedee and leebros.

Betty Page passed in transit...RIP

Originally peeped at night heading Southbound grabbed on the Northbound track of a very fast train.


Own Guru Records is located in a back alley off S. Broadway kinda near Thames where the Don secretly eats broccoli rabe over linguini with an ex-photography professor named Allen. This kat who tried to sell me krink said to check it so I got lost for awhile and then rang a buzzer and waited for awhile. Eventually a body appeared at the end of the tunnel and walked a few feet within polite shouting distance and said, 'we only carry vinyl' in a way that was almost deterring. 'Yo, That's why I'm here.'

Guru Allen checkin before he recs on an arvo pick-up

Jack Nitzsche sevens not for the taking, too blurry...

The buzzer is on the upper right but you'll see the busty readhead in sunglass dj-ing Michael Gira records on the street first.
Great records everywhere, great prices and all types of cool weird shit. The Guru gets deliveries on what seems to be the hour and insights are free of charge.

Eating Bertha's next door but not the mussels. There's a funny Anthony Bourdain quote about only eating mussels at the restaurants of close personal friends which I was secretly honoring even though one was sampled.

Joey Clams circa '78 inna Coney Island fine style. Not to be a mook or nuthin but Joseph William could pull off that look.

DESA surviving the buff. The Million Dollar Vandal is a good read regarding Brooklyn, Queens and whether East New York is the new Rockville Centre.

BVD sent these from way down FLA way reppin her pies veggie and/or with fresh muhtz and basel.

Thanks again for everyone's ongoing stoke and support. Happy Hollow Days to all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rollin with Mustache Pete

You can park a multi-axled truck in front of the shop all day every day but you'll get ticketed for parking next to the HB sign. That's what's up...

Properly breaded cutlets courtesy of S&B Restaurant. Even the mouths of vegetarians are watering!

Rosa's of Maspeth found her way into the shop today for the 4 o'clock goute. Respect to RPKing and the hood that was Brooklyn before it was Queens.

Andreini's shipped tonight from Santa Cruz California! Friday hopefully? Waves on the horizon and in the bathtub...