Monday, December 8, 2008

Badass Origins

Professor Gloomenthal's piece in the latest TSJ has caused nation-wide inspiration with skate god Tony Alva gone mental, purchasing a Casper upon completion and surfing it every morning with new shred insight! And to think most subscribers haven't even received theirs yet. Tuff respect to RK for keeping the history alive in present reflection for future rememberance...

TA and RK, Kings of all kine

TA dread at the controls citing the Uholy Trinity; Chapin-Simmons-Dora. Eames chair foto by Chris 'Bubbie' Gentile.

Board of the Day:

6'6 Fineline 'McCopy' (although that's not its official name) w/glass on fins, low entry rocker and sutbtle concave for rail to rail shred initiation. Dims withheld in order to glance the big picture.

Uptown that 'Surf' above the E?

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Franco S. Boroughs said...

keep it real in the field mon frere, shout out Dr. Kenvin the 90s answer to Dr. Emmit Brown.