Monday, December 15, 2008

Just like the ones I used to know

Back from Colonial BMD where Beach House and the Ripkin Brothers play in field and was greeted by lotsa new goodies just in time for the Holidays! Toasty XCEL rubber, 5/4 drylocks, 7mm roundtoe boots and 5mm lobster claws. Rad reads like the new Kelly Slater book, ESPO's 'The Art of Getting Over,' Shaun Tomson's 'Bustin Down the Door,' Chidester and Priore's 'Pop Surf Culture,' the Matt Warshaw curated 'Zero Break: 1777-2004' and that essential Leroy Grannis foto book with Aikau, Nat and Rolf on the cover! Free and Easy was just released on DVD and copies are here! ESSENTIAL MAC-FREEMAN! Plus the usual surf library via deeveedee, ceedee and leebros.

Betty Page passed in transit...RIP

Originally peeped at night heading Southbound grabbed on the Northbound track of a very fast train.


Own Guru Records is located in a back alley off S. Broadway kinda near Thames where the Don secretly eats broccoli rabe over linguini with an ex-photography professor named Allen. This kat who tried to sell me krink said to check it so I got lost for awhile and then rang a buzzer and waited for awhile. Eventually a body appeared at the end of the tunnel and walked a few feet within polite shouting distance and said, 'we only carry vinyl' in a way that was almost deterring. 'Yo, That's why I'm here.'

Guru Allen checkin before he recs on an arvo pick-up

Jack Nitzsche sevens not for the taking, too blurry...

The buzzer is on the upper right but you'll see the busty readhead in sunglass dj-ing Michael Gira records on the street first.
Great records everywhere, great prices and all types of cool weird shit. The Guru gets deliveries on what seems to be the hour and insights are free of charge.

Eating Bertha's next door but not the mussels. There's a funny Anthony Bourdain quote about only eating mussels at the restaurants of close personal friends which I was secretly honoring even though one was sampled.

Joey Clams circa '78 inna Coney Island fine style. Not to be a mook or nuthin but Joseph William could pull off that look.

DESA surviving the buff. The Million Dollar Vandal is a good read regarding Brooklyn, Queens and whether East New York is the new Rockville Centre.

BVD sent these from way down FLA way reppin her pies veggie and/or with fresh muhtz and basel.

Thanks again for everyone's ongoing stoke and support. Happy Hollow Days to all!


nate said...

Eeyo fellas, it's Nate from down Princeton way, just droppin' some feedback on that Mandala 6'7 long quad I picked up during the Recession Beater! On sale or no, you can't put a price on a board like that. I've had it out in a whole range of conditions and it's excelled on all accounts. Its ability to get in early has come in super clutch in those hallow NJ beachies. I'm currently up in RI (where there are actually some lefts) and had a great session in lack-luster conditions. Its already provided me with my first backside tube rides and some of the best session I've ever had!
Many props to the shaper! Thanks!

Ron Jon da Don said...

whoaski. thats whatsup!

Shipworm&Gribble said...

big ups nate dee, aloha in the shorey, thats whatsup onetime