Monday, November 30, 2009


Mr. Kidman has two upcoming shows in which his fine art edition ETHER will be represented along with recent work. The first will be at 303 Gallery (547 W. 21st street) on Weds. December 16th at 7-pm featuring prints from ETHER, recent work and a Last Hope installation.

The second show will be at Secret Project Robot (adjacent to the shop) on Saturday December 19th 8pm inna Holiday ETHER spirit featuring recent work, silk screens, projections and a musical performance with Andrew and Hamish Kilgour (The Clean, Bailter Space, the Mad Scene) on drums. Turntables in full effect for a dance inna river street farm! Santa for those who believe...

Simon Anderson, keep shredding!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nando Baby!

Danny Hess in haus w/his lady, first board he took off the racks was the 5'9 Faktion SNL Frahkitt. seeeeeeeeeeek yo...

Wilding on the 8'1 'pipe cleaner' as handcrafted by Tom Parrish and Gott Glassing

USED 6'0 CC keel $350

FM Badlands braved the Newtown Creek for these epic slices from Rosa's of Maspeth

Can I surf today?

Kidman buying protection and thanking God for a few free waves?

Ongoing swell action, some fun last Sunday

This Tuesday the day, reportedly 'shoulder to head high' or 'two feet overhead' and 'barreling, you know how hard it is to get barrelled here and I was getting barrelled' said one young man grand. No fotos but here's one from Wednesday of The Militant One shooting a curl on his 5'5 ...lost rocket...

Apres-surf rendez-vous w/Dubstar inna grease monkey style!

Puffkat was wary and lept out the situ

Surprise sesh on the day of Thanks. Good look Huey...

Jah Kid wearing sunglasses indoors like only FM and Jack N. could

NEW Nat Russell skate action from Comet

Two sizes yo!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank Youz

Couple FC's JOJ, '3 fins or Play Station'...

6'1 DM3

6'10 Keith Malloy Round Pin for Bill, Ida et al...

6'6 KMRPea

6'4 KMRP

Abby Portner and Joey Cups recently finished this Animal Collective vid...

Faktion surfboards made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. GO PETROS!

(snap stillz)

Flori Dale holding down long hair since the 80's!

Absurd Kessian walls...

*Happy Thanksgiving! Tuff thanks for your ongoing stoke and support, we'll be closed Thursday but back open for biz on the Friday of Blackness...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nobody Really Wipes Out

they just jump off...

molly or trefz foto

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Affectionate Anger

Fresh Muhtz Boros in Hakman mode on Manchild's Lis fish

(Kidman foto)

Jim Cook sent a few from Sunday, here's Scott Vine inna bonzer style

Friday night rights

MANeil capturing a fine NY pizza moment. Regards to Serpico and Henry Miller...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thou Mayest

Uncle Ha being humbled by Huey. Respect always...

Manchild Kidman NZ cutback

Manchild Kidman NY cutback (foto by Molly)

Muppet Man knows more about this place than you!

FM reading the latest issue of GLIDE (Japan)

Blain's Burden (shaped by Terry Martin)

Orlando the Vet, Hilbers diamond tail quad, it's 1979 and 2009

Burning these nightly for a speedy Andreini recovery

Trefz filling out an application to appear on The View

Andrew played an inspired four song set at the Tommy Brull Benefit last Saturday opening with an epic rendition of 'Sailing the Storm' and improvised NY lyrics in 'Two Times for the Trouble.'

Dubstar in the area!

Cornell Campbell's 'Trefz, Jah Jah Trefz' cued up

Manchild with legendary LI shaper, inventor of the 'Chicken Rail, infamous 'Moontail' and being accused of 'working like a gigolo' Mr. Chicken himself

Bumped into Harry J last night heading to the train, rising up son! Much love always to King Kess Ones now and forever...