Friday, November 20, 2009

Thou Mayest

Uncle Ha being humbled by Huey. Respect always...

Manchild Kidman NZ cutback

Manchild Kidman NY cutback (foto by Molly)

Muppet Man knows more about this place than you!

FM reading the latest issue of GLIDE (Japan)

Blain's Burden (shaped by Terry Martin)

Orlando the Vet, Hilbers diamond tail quad, it's 1979 and 2009

Burning these nightly for a speedy Andreini recovery

Trefz filling out an application to appear on The View

Andrew played an inspired four song set at the Tommy Brull Benefit last Saturday opening with an epic rendition of 'Sailing the Storm' and improvised NY lyrics in 'Two Times for the Trouble.'

Dubstar in the area!

Cornell Campbell's 'Trefz, Jah Jah Trefz' cued up

Manchild with legendary LI shaper, inventor of the 'Chicken Rail, infamous 'Moontail' and being accused of 'working like a gigolo' Mr. Chicken himself

Bumped into Harry J last night heading to the train, rising up son! Much love always to King Kess Ones now and forever...


Mr. Lentini said...

bella and guthrie look super into it

Franco S. Boroughs said...

long live kess suck a fuck!

Franco S. Boroughs said...

hey isnt that the elf that put unsound stickers all over my whip

Deepism said...

Franco is big in Japan...

ShipwormAndGribble said...

at first they were running to the mic reaching for solos but that got nixed quick so let's just say they're being well behaved!

Mills Herman said...

Franco Rulz.
He's the King of that Post.
or should i say, Emperor?