Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shop, Work & Gamble

Aforementioned Andreini's...

Barely used (ridden once!) 6'4 Andreini Vaquero de las Olas with L-flex fin. ($550)

USED 7'11 Andreini pintail ($650)

Bungalow Opportunity as told to Local Ha...

'Everyone is nice, laid back and there's a great vibe. It's a two story, one bedroom bungalow with a front deck and a block and a half away from break at 90th St. There are/will be 13 people and rent on the place is $100 a month which includes utilities and renter's insurance, bathroom, kitchen, and a lot of surboards on the first floor, more surfboards, wetsuits, and bags on the second floor with a TV to watch surf movies.

If you're interested, send an email to saraheastjohnson@gmail.com to setup a time to check it out.'

1 comment:

fdavid said...

Ok, how can that Andreini still be around for sale? Hello!!!
We got to talk if thats the case. I am back from warm 7 footers at Wildo and Marias. _ Domino D