Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Neo Pizza

DM3 shred-stix in all the shreddiest sizes are here from Fletcher Chouinard and Co...

Under the 1

Ty Williams PULL!

Jah Bless cheating five from the system. (Foto courtesy of Dale's lady)

This 10 foot 'One World' by Juan Rodriquez was stolen from the Clam Hut located in the Highlands of New Jersey. Please contact the shop if you know what's up.

The Militant One shredding his Singer (Foto courtesy of AKA Norman)

6'6 Tom Parrish thruster off to Italy!

The Scampi is Money!


TONIGHT! 7-10pm



Sunday, July 26, 2009

She Made Me Nervous/Breakfast

Andrew Kidman's LAST HOPE is out and Mollusk has copies! No saccharine nor strychnine additives so you can leave the book reports at home school. This film contains more emotional impact than Holyfield's right hand. You've been warned!

'Last Hope is a series of sixteen original short films compiled by Andrew Kidman (Glass Love/ Litmus) and Spunk Records. Andrew Kidman chose six of his favourite surfing filmmakers to create short films that were inspired by the sea. The filmmakers include Albert Falzon (Morning Of The Earth), Jon Frank (Litmus), Monty Webber, Michele Lockwood (Kids) and American underground surf filmmakers Patrick Trefz (Thread) and Richard Kenvin (Hydrodynamica). Kidman also provides four special cuts of his own. The filmmakers created their short films to music that includes Smog, Sufjan Stevens, Mogwai, My Morning Jacket, Dirty Three, Holly Throsby, Vetiver, Bonnie Prince Billy and The Brown Birds From Windy Hill.'

New York makes a tuff appearance in shorts by Mr. Kidman and his lovely lady/Queens native Michele Lockwood. REPRESENT! They'll both be in town come September for the New York Surf Film Festival. Stay chuned...

Dan Diknamwer sent this one from Down Unda where good humor and great water are always appreciated

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Fun in the Desert Sun

Couple hype ones leftover from Sunday's trade-a-thon...

Adam Camaro's barely USED 8'0 SKOSH by Josh Hall w/glass on marine ply fins ($550)

Can it be? A USED LONGBOARD! 9'5 Tony C. Montauk/Costa Rica HPNR by Channin ($500)

Gilgo George holding down the CC Glider and long hair tippage. LI RESPECT!

Mr. Drew Kampion and Don Redondo

The Queen on Speed Dial

HB Hartnett or 'the other JH' and Hanel shred-sled

The Brazilian Crew holding down the best boards

Took a ride out to Suffake County the other day to pay respect to Johnny HA

And stopped by Mike Becker's new factory where Petro was holding it down WRKN-MNS styles

Becks top teacher!


Back in the Boros

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Insalate di carne

Wildcat food porn