Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rasta No Pickpocket

Dan Diknamwer sent these recent pix he took of David Rastavich surfing a Mick Mackie 'sidecut.' Mick's shapes are mental, whether built for the sea or for the snow. Checkout his site where the arrows on the bottom uncover old school fotos of Lis, Wayne Lynch, MP and others shralping.

Rasta in session..

Friday, May 30, 2008

Regular Footers

The events of last nite's Joe Curren book-signing are still being recollected, kinda like that new HB landmark installed nearby. Top of the line affective regular footing in haus. Sir Thomas Snapwater sent a few helpful fragments...

Silverio and his ice machine arriving earls at 7. Russian video-blog soon...

Joe Curren's older brother Mont Mercury drove up from Jerz for a midnight Law and Order duo. Big bros looking out yo! Respect to Handy Neil for the kustom tube and Erik Z for the Peavey.

Chris the bassist lookin' fly in Curren kine

Abuelita respect to BVD for keeping everyone fed...

It's not epic until the cops get involved. They'd actually been really cool all nite and then Patrick Trefz arrived. The cops were female which is interesting to note. JC and the German inna CPR style...

more pix soon!

tuff respect to CURREN OHANA for being legends, whether in the shorey or on the streets.


new JUNODS in store

2 pumpkin seeds and 2 logs

Thursday, May 29, 2008


5'10" Fineline quad fish

6'2" Fineline quad fish

6'4" Fineline LSE (little shit egg)

7'0" Fineline egg

9'2" Fineline Corsair

9'5" Fineline Newt

9'5" Fineline Avenger w/glass on fin ($old to Tim H!)

Joe Curren book signing tonight 8pm at the shop!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bonzers are HERE!

5'11" Bumble Bee for Onefin Schmatz

5'11" Bumble Bee ($OLD to Mikel!)

6'4" Bonzer-5 for Digi-Gil

6'3" Bonzer-5 ($825)

7'0" Bonzer-5 ($850)

(not featured: 6'7" Bonzer-5 $OLD to Blackpool)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Old timers time

The much talked about spaghetti w/sauseetch and broccoli rabe courtesy of Driggs Pizza, 558 Driggs Ave (Serpico got shot at 778)

Matt S. and his Fineline eggy single. Total involvement in the hour of kaos...

WARNING West Nile Virus! Luckily, they're both professionals...

Maze inna BK bandito spirit...

Skirts of the city

JOE CURREN will be signing copies of his new book ONE Thursday May 29th 7:30 the Shop! Streetside BBQ, cupped beverage service and surfy projections.

m o l l u s k
210 kent ave (corner of metro and river st)
bk, ny 11211
L to bedford

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ohana in the Shorey

Malcolm rolled by Friday arvo with serious Campbell Ohana in tow. Tuff respect for taking the time and bringing it back home. Peace yo...

Clams, Digi-Gil and Malcolm shining...

Mark Fu, MC, Bubz, Clamz and a shadowy KLM

Eh yo everybody, we talkin' gool or gull?

indoor light situs

Alleged NAS reference Heidi D'Awg forever reppin' tender love.

Marin's Peter looking pimp in new Persols!

During all the bonzer madness Cameron pulled the trigger on the CC ultra-pink slider. Said he's going to teach his wife and daugthers how to surf on it. Ho! Ohana styles...

NY, it's easier not to surf...