Thursday, May 22, 2008

Community Wise

Rad wife purchases Hess Pacheco for Unassuming husband, shred at 11...Happy BDay Oliver! kingpin Adam C. thinking about the 9'8" CC Slider, spaghetti with sauseeetch and broccoli rabe...See ya on Driggs.

Arisa and her new CC lokbox twinnie, have fun in Kalifone!

Toe Mas and his 5'10" Casper DD, homeboy always gets the best boards. HBRespect!

CC's assym fish that ya'll were too cool to borrow at the Fish Fry(e)! Dope duct-tape...

1 comment:

onefin said...

doh, if I had seen that I would have grabbed it, maybe it was the schlitz or the alai or driving 3 hours from mtk just to drive back after Beckers brakes caught fire in the hamptons. Is that available for viewing, sorry Im missing Malcolm, bummer