Monday, May 5, 2008

Keep It Hard Boiled

Couple new boards came in over the weekend. Check it...

5'8" Faktion quad w/Lokbox and silver flake tint for the Hot Rod set ($650)

5'10" Mandala clear-sanded Stub w/glass on sidebites ($775--Shaded Shaper sold seperately)

5'8" Larry Mayo lokbox twinnie ($775)

6'0" Larry Mayo lokbox 5-fin ($775)

LM w/6'10" LM single ($775)

Hot Rod Division featuring Sloan Shred and Neil Polo (BIG MALE MODEL shaka kine!)

fish fry(e) after-party pix (sorry mom)

bubbie and cupped beverage service

Who is Local Dave? Who is Ha?

Clams pretending to "sleep with da fishes"

Grey Ghost w/friendly ghosts

Dub drinkah...

...Dub eatah

Deebow, nuthin' but LOVE...seriously.

NJ politicos looking for trouble across two Rivers. Bubba Haymon hard boils DWI's, like for fun.

"good evening officer"

JB and Tearrrrrrrance dressed in BLACK

Neponzgrom 'under 21' possee out after bedtime

What came first the CHICKEN or the egg?

Bogart's got nuthin' on Sahhhfalcone. Here's lookin' at you kiddddd

Adult-GROM doing the Ida-dance

China Ty and Oh DDDDDDDonnaaaaaaaaa

Ashton and the Ides of Evil

OG Hard Boiled Possee reppin' estrogen

the many faces of Hodar Hall, keepin' it cozy...

dressed as Bobby Babylon

and daylong dreams of rock and roll...

TEAMWORK COUNTS! but who is Ha?

searching for Tom Curren....


Franco S. Boroughs said...

sahhhhfalcone i swear that kid ran me for my jansport a while back. respect

Franco S. Boroughs said...

the facktion reminds me of a song off the new madonna album. mental.

bubbie said...

hit the books franco!

Shipworm&Gribble said...

nice! run for a freestyle wavecounter watch early 90's union tpke waiting for the E, approached by six...keep it real, keep it in queens...