Thursday, May 8, 2008

raining Jesu

Feliz Wachtstetsoneater likes to send us pictures of naked people. He's very awesome and fun like that. Checkout the BDAY party he threw for his office-mate Tom....FELIZ NAVIDAD! Look for the "Like Halloween" DANO in a shorey near around late October!

Where's Sven? Sorry, a non-union production and the rat should've been flying but the 5'9" Mabile twinzer looks lit!
Whenever I tried to play hookie as a kid my moms said the truant officers would come and get me. I asked Jumanji why he wasn't at school today, 'It's closed.' He told me the same thing on Tuesday. Ginji and No AC about to hit the cafe on girl's bikes!
FM Boros came across a tiddy reporting that Hulk Hogan eats 36 hard-boiled eggs a day. FOR REAL SON! Hard Bodied redefined...but as Ha knows, keeping it HB has nothing to do with eggs nor abs...HA!

A box of Fineline eggy singles went out yesterday and another one got picked up this morning housing BJ's new hull division series destined to upset the faint of heart and the Feds. Look for 'em mid-week along with those Christensons.


Cornielus Blackpool said...

mariachis are fuckin' bad ass.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

you're looking thin these days blackpool, how many cups you doing a day? keep growing your hair!