Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bagels for Breakfast/Pizza for Lunch

Much surfy love and respect to everyone who reached Sat. morn for the 2nd annual NYFISHFRY(E)! So many wicked boards and people on hand, on y Lis fish, an extended Skip Frye, accelerated curvature from Choice Pavel, Caro's ongoing foam refinery, a crucial 6'6" quazilla by Ronald Faktion, Casper holding it down deep roots style with the 5'6" Sims fish, Christenson in the flesh and checkered wettie, Zamora (surfing well on various craft), JJR from Lokbox advising and trouble-shooting, RK documenting shred con perma-gloom/grin and Chicken combo-ing mofos in his performance window on a handmade halfmoon quad. Big ups to Chris Surfridaaaa for his super-positive vibes and penchant for throwing the tail...

China Ty sent these via phone from Gino's of Long Beach.

sicilian square w/spacone smile

neopolitan sunburnt surf squares

cute californians Caro and Hall in a bagel coma

Larry Mayo brought by a fish, a single and a 5-fin last nite. Super syrupy tint and glass with refined edges. His boards are looking better than ever! Stay chuned for pix...


Chicken said...

Shoots shred session went down this evening. Better ice up that knee and get ready for the annual Soul patrol vs Shred Squad showdown at the infamous break that is stinken.

Franco S. Boroughs said...

shaka mo faka

Nuno said...

Yo dudes! congrats and kine respect for mollusk on the NyFF.

Thanks for the good times on Sat and epic shred sesh Sunday arvo.

ps: I'm catching up fast shipworm dialect.