Friday, August 31, 2007

Still Surfin

Kalifornia Dereliction

7'0" shred-egg w/9.5 Greenough 4C shaped by NY ex-pat/Kalifornia Derelict Christian Jacobsen. His missus Ilda Da Fooey demonstrates...

Brothers in Arms: 6'11" + 7'0"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mental Merch

Been in LA templating Kalifornia Dereliction but while away, lots of new schtuff arrived!

BOARDS by...

5'8" twin keel with black-n-white bands (Blaine says they look like lighthouse stripes)
5'8" twin keel with black-n-white banded deck and celery wrap
6'0" bonzer w/black-n-white cookie tint
7'0" C-Bucket w/turquoise tint

9'4" Corsair w/seafoam tint
9'8" Super B w/lemon tint

5'9" roundtail quad
5'10" double-bump swallow quad
5'11 double-bump swallow quad

-Jellyfish (Dave Mueller)
-Mollusk Script (Alex Kopps)
-Ye Old Sea Kat (Nat Russell)
-Pelican (Dave Mueller)
-Pelican Pocket Tee (Mueller)
-Smile (Frank Holmes)
-Creeper (Kyle Field)
-JayShip (Jay Nelson)
-Kyle (Nat Russell)

VIPER SWIM FINS for your bodysurfing/kneeboarding needs have arrived!

LOKBOX fins:
LB1/LB4 combos
Canard cutaways
Mandala AK4's

70's SK8 nite tomorrow at 8pm, DOWNHILL MOTION and SPINNIN' WHEELS!

Andy Kessler stylin
Snapwater foto*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Seventies Cheese Night

Mollusk and Andy Kessler are stooooooked to present:

featuring super-rad skate films from the 1970's!

Thursday August 30th at 8pm
@Mollusk Surf Shop
210 Kent Ave (but really the Corner of Metropolitan Ave and River St.)
L to Bedford

As always, cupped beverage service and street-side BBQ. There's a good chance 10 cases of an undisclosed beer will be dontated but don't let this deter you from bringing your own. Gym socks and short-shorts are not required but fully appreciated.


Secret Project Robot is having an opening that nite too!

"Way Way Up Close Far Away"
An Installation by HappyFun®

Thursday August 30th, 2007: Secret Project Robot is excited to present the opening of Way Way Up Close Far Away a provocative and colorful installation narrated, to you, by the art group HappyFun. Inspired by the seeds of modern consciousness, grown in the living myth of cultural authority and, and blossoming in the full color of postmodernism, Way Way Up Close Far Away compels the viewer to interact with the abundance of images, sounds and senses created by visual culture.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cast In Ancient Light

Captain Bubbie Gentealay spends his arvos making high-end mayonnaise sammies and evenings referencing Hood songs. He is the hardest working man on board. Often mistaken for George Clooney and Stanley Tucci (when he wears the light bleu Vans) he has a habit of releasing the outer keel of his twin on inside shorey sections. All fun foamies beware!!!

Chris Gentile: Photographs
Jeff Bailey Gallery
511 W.25th Street / No.
September 5 - October 6, 2007
Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 6
6-8 pm

Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Chris Gentile: Photographs.

Gentile's photographs are presented as allegories of his studio practice with alchemical overtones. Lightning bolts, surfboards and lifeguard chairs are meticulously cast in small scale and mixed with a variety of functional studio objects, like plywood, saw horses and a trashcan. The combination of his sculptures and studio ephemera suggest an inconclusive narrative, and imply the after effects of both creation and decay.

Gentile's earlier photographs are images of sculptures, or sculptural scenarios, that he created in his studio. Disembodied from any specific context, scale and versimilitude are questioned. Building upon this practice, his most recent photographs include the addition of basic studio objects, and partial glimpses of the studio itself.

For Gentile, the process of making the photograph is as important as the photograph itself. The studio serves as the artist's refuge, laboratory and cathedral: a unique place to both conceive and execute ideas. In Cast in Ancient Light, a pile of hundreds of lightning bolts cast in concrete sits alongside a gleaming trashcan. Both rest on sawhorses and plywood, lit from above. The lightning bolt, a symbol of enlightenment, is being cast away, dumped. At the same time, the tight pile of bolts appear cast from the trashcan itself, as if it were a mold.

This combination of the symbolically important and the obviously mundane is one that allows Gentile to explore themes of hope and abandonment, and search for greater meaning in the mysterious alchemy of disparate objects grouped together.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


...And so the much-coveted 5'6" Swift/Mabile super-foiled fish has left the ship under Jake Bee's arm and is on it's way to Montauk. Bon Voyage...

Logess Kassia Meador dropped by with Vice-TV in tow and couldn't help but pick up a few EZ-Fin bolts b/c they're just that rad.

Chicken of Chicken-Shapes-Mate rang earlier to say that the new Coop is open for mowing. A 6'0" x 19 5/8 x 2 5/16 Vector-lite (template courtesy of Dave Parmenter) was conceived this afternoon. Made with the notorious Chicken-Rail--built for shredding kine.

the Ragas on side 2 of Sir Richard Bishop's "While My Guitar..." are beyond blazing...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weird Beard/Weird Be-Rad

NY Yankees Hall of Fame short-stop Phil Rizzuto died yesterday of natural causes(1916-2007). He reflects on Prince:

"Last night I was watching Arsenio Hall and he had Prince on. What a character he is! Holy cow! Entertainer. Singer. And he can dance. He's a little bitty guy. He had a weird beard."

-pg. 7 of today's NY Post

Scott Bass' "In Country" article in the latest TSJ (16,4) had me laughing outloud on the subway this morning:

"Shorter boards--what do you mean? No one's hanging ten?! So then you're sitting in a war zone going, 'Oh, god, all I want to do is surf and now you don't hang ten anymore? That played a lot of havoc on the brain."

"The only word you need to know in a war is fuck. Everything is fucked. It's fucked. They're fucked. We're fucked. Everybody's fucked. And that's the biggest word used in war."

-reflections by Pat Farley

In shop news, the NinePlus wetsuits arrived as well as Birdies in size 34 and 36 (Green, Grey, French's Yellow, Black and Brown) just in time for the swell!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuff Tuesdays

Yes Eye!
2nite at Bembe:
Jahn Bless and the MoaAnbessa Sound System. Jah drop no tune til 12:30 am, Vampires Beware!

Spoke to Bulkley yesterday, the step-up/good wave roundtail quads have been ordered! 6'6"-7'0" (even numbers) in a few weeks and the smaller ones (5'9"-6'1") should be here later this week.

Rainbow/Pavel quad fish in the 6'2"-6'8" range went out yesterday and Fineline eggs-n-logs went out a few hours ago. Stay tuned...

Good times last nite at the 'Time Away' screening. Much respect to ya'll who reached for the beautful evening. So much Love in the City...

P.S. Stylemasters 2 has the raddest footy of a young Tom Carroll style-shredding on a single fin. Power-surfing at it's finest!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time Away Screening

On Monday August 13th local boy, Mollusk surf instructor, and shredding bon vivant Tyler Breuer will be screening 'The Time Away' a surfy doc-collage he made during a recent trip to Indonesia.

Gig starts at 8pm, film to be screened at 8:30 along with a few others. Perhaps 'Pocket Calculator' will be re-screened so we can all have that Kraftwerk song stuck in our heads the following day!

Street BBQ and cupped Beverage-service as usual. Bring a little extra and we'll all share, Mead Hall styles...

Mollusk Surf Shop
Corner of Metropolitan Ave and River Street
in Williamsburg Brooklyn/
(L to Bedford)

Lunar Litmus Projection pic courtesy of Tommy Colla/Snapwater

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pitch Shifts

Upstairs painter Jackie Gendel mo'zeed in today and while looking at the lights above the counter, courtesy of Zip Zinger shredder Brady Dollarhide, remarked that they were linked to Philip Guston's late figurative work sometimes featuring lightbulbs.

Philip Guston
"There's some mysterious process at work here, which I don't even want to understand."

Steve from Boarders of Rockaway stopped by early arvo for a telephone-interupted chat and some sales-assisting, at one point encouraging a customer (sexy rocker chick whose ex-band is...) to purchase the 9'6" DANO nose glider when inquiring about gift ideas. Steve, you can work any day you want!

We have a few copies left of NY boy Allan Weisbecker's "Search For Captain Zero" a tale of one man's search for his cracked out friend and fellow drug-traffikker in the exile of Costa Rica. Rights recently purchased by Sean Penn and scheduled for production? A classic, cavalier-introspective travel read.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

POHM Crime

The new issue of the Surfer's Journal (Volume 16, #4) arrived today and features an article about New York (Send Them Bagels) written by Andrew Kidman. He was in town last December/January visiting his mother-in-law in Queens, smacking sausage and peppers on Cross Bay Blvd and exploring the Badlands via The White Shadow.

A most kine thanks to Jon Bless of Moa Anbessa Sound System ( who dropped by this afternoon with a copy of Barrington Levy's 1979 classic, 'Englishman' LP. Jah Bless!

In other news, Drive Like Jehu's 1991 self-titled album has been helping up beat the heat and maintain inner-stoke during this flatspell...although the surf was super-fun small-kine this morn. Hmm, must be the duct tape...

Monday, August 6, 2007

East Of Neponsit

"On July 10, 2007, Jeremy Blake found his wife Theresa Duncan dead, apparently by suicide. On July 17, 2007, Blake was reported missing off New York's Rockaway Beach. According to news accounts, a woman called 911 to report that she saw a man swimming out to sea. Blake's clothes and wallet were reportedly found under the boardwalk at Rockaway's 122nd Street Beach, along with a suicide note that referred to Duncan.

On the morning of Sunday, July 22, 2007, a body thought to be that of Jeremy Blake was discovered 4.5 miles off the coast of Sea Girt, New Jersey (which is 35 miles south of Rockaway Beach). Police announced on July 31, 2007 that they had identified his body."

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hay FahlCo-Nay

Shipmate employee extraordinaire and Neponsit kingpin Joseph 'Grey Ghost' Falcone mows a 6'3" dee-bump quad fish for his LES bredren, Ptango.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Every Scoundrel

Chris Pellen stopped by today, in town from the North Coast of Australia where he and his wife run the Milk and Honey pizza/salad resto, though currently on holiday in Boerum Hill. Chris is the guy who sang 'Mo-Walker' in Andrew Kidman's 'Litmus' and did the infamous 'Hate To Be A Cow' song (w/Kidman) featured in Rip Curl's 'Feral Kingdom.' Needless to say a super sweet cuhhuhhn and all around rad dood.

We're all about education and enrichment by this river, where a wicked batch of books arrived this morn. Beautiful Losers is finally back in print and we've got copies! Same with Ben Marcus' new hardcover book, The Surfboard: Art:Style:Stoke which traces the evolution of the surfboard from religious object to babe-magnet. Forward by Gary Linden and surfing photography by Mr. Jeff Divine. For those of you who grew up skateboarding we gots Sean Clivers Disposable which documents the history of skateboard art from the early Dogtown boards, to Zorlac, Sims, Santa Cruz and Powell. Perfect for dreaming about those boards you used to have and wished you still did.

Lastly, we're packed to the shims with Swift tees for men and women as well as a new run of NY Fish Fry tee-shirts printed in black on grey (ya know, the one Bubbie always wears)

as always, much love respect and kine thanks for your continued stoke and support...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Andrew Clarke rolled by yesterday with his shaped-and-reshaped Toad Fish. He explains:

"5'4 X 2 3/4 thick, 20" width center. 2/3's Hobie copy 1/3 winging it... bottom was my interpretation of a board Greenough shaped for Nat Young... flat in the front vbottom at the tail."

copies of THREAD arrived this morning...

Tito's Way

Tito is a strikingly handsome, glossy grey and white male who was found on the street. He has a bold personality and can get a littlle nippy when he's excited. But he is actually pretty easy to handle—and smaller than his big macho head makes him look—once he is out of his kennel. He has a lot of appeal, but would probably do best in a home without young children. We estimate he was born in 2006.Breed: Domestic Short HairColor: Grey & White Age: AdultSize: Large Sex: Male
253 Wythe Street
@ N. 1st