Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time Away Screening

On Monday August 13th local boy, Mollusk surf instructor, and shredding bon vivant Tyler Breuer will be screening 'The Time Away' a surfy doc-collage he made during a recent trip to Indonesia.

Gig starts at 8pm, film to be screened at 8:30 along with a few others. Perhaps 'Pocket Calculator' will be re-screened so we can all have that Kraftwerk song stuck in our heads the following day!

Street BBQ and cupped Beverage-service as usual. Bring a little extra and we'll all share, Mead Hall styles...

Mollusk Surf Shop
Corner of Metropolitan Ave and River Street
in Williamsburg Brooklyn/
(L to Bedford)

Lunar Litmus Projection pic courtesy of Tommy Colla/Snapwater


JAH said...

work on monday night is no fun knowing that you guys are right around the corner. request for next screening/bbq.........sunday??

and on more reason for the sunday request....

"man i really want to come by your session tonight, but i stayed out late last night"


Toddy said...

Just came back from it.
You guys are definitely providing a needed service.
Fun, handicam action on that movie.
Like a family vacation slide show.
Kinda more fun than the big professional model in some ways as the personality is more apparent.
Thanks for another Monday night.